ERic Cressey: Kun je overtrainen op Core oefeningen?

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2012/04/21 20:05:00 (permalink)

ERic Cressey: Kun je overtrainen op Core oefeningen?
Q: What are your thoughts on the right amount of volume, intensity and frequency on core exercises ranging from bridging variations to ab wheel rollouts from the feet for the intermediate to advanced lifter looking to decrease back pain and get out of anterior pelvic tilt? Is it possible to make progress for a while, but overdue it on volume, intensity or frequency and actually have your core get weaker or stop progressing/responding, and start to experience back pain and anterior pelvic tilt again?
A: This is an outstanding question, and I can really go in a number of different directions with it.
First, let me say that the single best way to get out of excessive anterior tilt is training oneself to not live in anterior tilt!  No amount of exercise will undo the damage you can do with your daily posture.  That’s the easy part of this response, though. 
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