Exercises You've Never Tried Before

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Excercises You've Never Tried Before #4 -

Wrong Way" Pull Over

This movement was "discovered" by doing dumbbell pullovers the wrong way. With traditional pullovers, the lifter attempts to keep the arms relatively straight, but if he bends the elbows and keeps them fixed, he'll get one heck of a triceps exercise!
Lie on a flat bench and hold one dumbbell with both hands. The elbows should be pointed behind your head and the upper arms should remain relatively fixed throughout the movement. Lower the dumbbell into an extreme stretch position, pause, then bring it back up and squeeze your triceps for two seconds at the top. Given that the arms are kept at an angle, tension remains on the triceps for the entire movement. The end result is that the movement is much more effective than traditional seated dumbbell extensions.
Go heavy with this one and shoot for four to six reps per set.

9x 6 – 7

Ouch.. with the slight pain from doing oblique crunches on Sunday, this really felt like ripping apart my rib cage. Only a 9kg db was hard. Only thing I had a problem with is knowing how far up to raise the db. Above the face or keep the arm extended backwards all the time.

Opinion positive, feels more effective than a regular pullover. If I want to do those again, I’ll definitely do them this way.
Reverse Incline Hammer Curl

Take an incline bench and adjust it so that it's at a 60 to 70-degree angle. Then, after grabbing a pair of dumbbells, sit backward on the bench so that your chest is leaning against the bench. Let the dumbbells hang straight down, and using a hammer grip, curl both dumbbells up so that they touch your shoulders. This is a cool movement for a variety of reasons. First of all, it's impossible to use body English on them. Secondly, it makes it really difficult to recruit the front deltoids, which allows for a more "pure" biceps movement. It also allows you to draw the elbows back a bit as you curl the weights up, which helps recruit the long head of the biceps, which seems to be underdeveloped in most bodybuilders. And lastly — and this is subtle — it forces you to straighten the arm out completely. Most lifters have some sort of a Popeye syndrome where they almost never fully extend their arms, but by doing this movement — straightening the arm out completely — it may actually feel like the elbow is hyperextended.

from SheRu
Een zeer effectieve manier om het meeduwen van je lichaam uit te schakelen. Dat gaat je kilo's kosten qua dumbells. knipoog Ik deed het met 8kg dumbells, en 't bankje één standje schuiner. Denk ik, maar 'k heb dan ook geen timmermansoog.
Apart from the funny way you sit, a good exercise Feels better than a normal hammer curl, even with less weight.
Opinionneutral-positive. Too much isolation work to my liking, but if you must do a hammer curl, this is a good alternative.
Towel Chin-up

This one will set your back, biceps, and forearms on fire! All you need is a towel, a chin-up bar, and a high tolerance for pain. Now, without tying any knots in the towel, throw it over the bar. Grasp the towel and hang on tight. Now perform as many chin-ups as you can. After a few sets, when you can no longer pull yourself up, just grab the towel and hang off of it. Then call a cab, because you won't be able to steer your car home.


No f*ing way I can do this. Keep sliding down and can’t even hold on because I’m lacking grip strength. Probably too small fingers. The weird part was when I asked an innocent girl, that I’d just met in the gym to try it. While she didn’t seem strong, she was able to hang onto the towel. Yet she proclaimed to not be able to do any pull-ups. We figured it was because she is taller than me and didn’t need to jump high in order to keep in the highest position. Along with her being taller, she has longer fingers too, enabling a better grip, despite lower strength. Boy was I ever pissed!
Opinion neutral-positive, despite the failure. Neutral because I wonder what the actual advantage is of this exercise. Positive coz’ I love everything related to pull-ups (macha thing yanno )


This is a very basic but very neglected core exercise that's great for athletes and bodybuilders alike. Lie on the floor facedown with your arms and legs outstretched. Lift your arms and legs as high as possible and hold them there for a three to five second count. Return to the floor and repeat. Leaping tall buildings with a single bound optional.

Espi: BWx6, holding for 5s each

Seems easy but is more difficult than I had imagined. Hurt at the hip when raising the legs.

Opinion  positive, can be a good exercise to increase flexibility
SheRu: Leuk! En pittiger dan gedacht! Wij deden 'm aan het einde van de training, 8x5 met 5 seconden vasthouden per herhaling. Aanrader.

Iron Cross

This is a great overall conditioning exercise we picked up from Coach John Davies. It also makes a good warm-up or finisher.
Hold two light dumbbells or plates in your hands and squat from a wide stance with the buttocks pushed back. Arms should be held straight ahead, parallel to the ground and thumbs up. As you squat up, push your hips forward while simultaneously moving your arms to the sides in a cross position. Return to the start position by moving in the precise inverse fashion and keeping your arms constantly parallel.

Espi: (2x4kg)x6

Didn’t do it to failure. Had expected it to be really hard to balance myself, but while the front raise was challenging on its’ own, the exercise was really far less difficult than expected, and really fun to do!

Opinion positive, a great warm-up & balancing exercise!

Excercises You've Never Tried Before #4

Cable Row to Neck with Rope (or face pull)

Here's an exercise 90% of gym rats should be using. Why? Because they probably spent a good part of their lifting careers doing a lot of bench presses and very little reciprocal work for the upper back (which can negatively affect posture.) Cable rows will make up for those youthful indiscretions.
Set an adjustable pulley so that it's directly in front of your pecs. Use a triceps rope — it'll reduce the stress on your forearms and wrists. Grab the ends of the rope as if you were grasping a pair of hammers. Start with the shoulders protracted and the forearms extended. Begin the movement by retracting the shoulder blades, and immediately bend the elbows to continue the movement until the forearms make contact with the upper arms.
Make sure to eliminate the lower back from the equation by keeping it perpendicular to the floor at all times. If the development of your rhomboids is lacking, you may choose to pause for a moment when the shoulder blades are retracted.


Not a new or odd exercise at all. Been doing this one for a long time now. Previously always seated, later as a standing ‘face pull’ as I tend to call them. Seated ones are way easier.

Opinion positive, otherwise they wouldn’t have been a mainstay of my routine for so long.

Rolling Swiss Ball Press
Charles Poliquin can do two things well: come up with unique exercises and bake brownies. (You should see the big guy in an apron. He's adorable we tell ya!) He refuses to let us post his brownie recipe here, but here's one of the unique chest movements he invented.
Lie back on a Swiss ball as if you were about to perform normal dumbbell bench presses. Press the dumbbells up and (here comes the interesting part) drop your hips until you're now in an incline position. Now lower the weights slowly. After a pause, roll back up to the "flat" bench position and start over. In effect, you're doing a flat bench on the way up and an incline bench on the way down.
Since you're weaker in the incline press than in the flat press position, you'll use the strong leverage from the flat position to help you get the load up in preparation for the eccentric part of the movement. A very cool use for the 'ol Swiss ball.

Not sure what happened, but when I started with 8 kg dumbbells my hip suddenly gave up on me again, so I scurried back to the weight rack and took a pink weight of 4 kg.
Weird exercise, but actually quite a lot of fun to do.

Opinion neutral, it is a fun exercise, but unsure about how practical it really is.

En verder deed ik vandaag nog een nieuwe oefening, al heb ik die nog niet gespot in de serie. Namelijk de lat pull down met 2 pulleys, waarbij ik met 1 arm tegelijk omlaag trok. Verschil is onder andere dat je dan echt verder naar achteren moet hangen om spanning op de pulley te krijgen. Maar zal nog een paar keer oefenen om er een beter gevoel voor te krijgen. Was me aanbevolen als alternatief voor de gewone gelijktijdige twee-armige lat pulldown.
Iemand die het wel eens doet?

Plate Pinch
Grip strength isn't all about crushing power. It's also about finger power, or what some call "pinching" power. To improve finger strength, try doing plate pinches. Grab a pair of dimes (newbie translation: ten pound plates) and place them together, smooth side out. Hold them with your finger tips and keep them pinched together. That's probably easy, so now move up to a pair of quarters (25's). Keep track of how long you can hold them and each time you try it, see if you can squeeze out a few extra seconds. You're a certified bad ass if you can do it with 45s!

2x5 kg x 20s (left)-30s (right) while walking around.

Here it shows again these articles are biased for men. There’s no way I can pinch 2 10kg disks as even lifting them up is impossible. It is possible to do this for two 5kg plates and walk around with them. It feels very easy at the start, but gets progressively more difficult.

Opinion neutral, probably good exercise if pinch gripping strength is important to you, like for rock climbers. But personally, I can’t see the benefit of it.

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Aflevering 5

Overhead Cable Curl
Here's a biceps exercise even we had never tried until Don Alessi introduced it to us.
Position yourself on a shoulder press bench facing away from the high pulley machine (back toward the machine). Grasp an EZ swivel bar overhead with the elbows extended and close to your ears. Next, flex the elbows behind the head. Return to extended position, then wait patiently for some dweeb to ask you what the f%*k you're doing!


I’d done this exercise before, but then in the lat pull down machine. This time it was in the cable station. I’ve tried it from the low pulley position though as the high pulley felt too awkward. Getting seated and into position was a bit awkward, but the movement itself went much smoother. Gonna try the high pulley position another time.

Opinion neutral, better than in a lat pulldown station but still a too fancy schmancy isolation exercise.
SheRu: Ja, dit is dus je reinste gelul, hè? Rare beweging, compleet onnatuurlijk, en rare ROM. Bovendien voel je die biceps niet echt lekker ofzo. Raar!

Incline Russian Twist
This ab exercise, popularized by Christian Thibaudeau, will leave you moaning and groaning. Oh yeah, and it'll build some bulletproof abs and obliques as well!
Anchor yourself on an incline board (or Roman chair), then do a half sit-up so that your lower back isn't in contact with the board. Keep that position during the whole exercise. The execution is simple: rotate your torso from side to side. The arms are fully stretched out in front of you and they stay locked in position — only the trunk is mobile. Try for the longest range of motion possible. Do 8 to 12 reps per side, or 8 to 12 full rotations.

4kg on a bench x 6 reps each side
4kg on a ball x 11 reps each side
8 kg on a ball x 9 reps each side

The feeling in the back when doing on a bench was unpleasant or perhaps not so much the feeling, but what I heard = a cracking of the back vertebrae like when you’re straightening knuckles to make that popping sound from the vacuum that’s been released.

On a ball, I’ve done this exercise for a couple of weeks already, since it’s part of the dynamic warmup in the NROL.  It feels very good to do the same exercise on the ball with more weight.

Opinion negative for bench, though it might be good for others. Positive when done on a Swiss or Bosu ball.
Repeated 1 day later:
4kg x 6 – 6 reps each side
Revised Opinion neutral. OK, I changed my mind. Reason is that I now did it on a proper decline bench meant for ab exercises, viz. with leg support. Much easier to brace yourself and to not get hurt. Still, I prefer using Swiss balls.
While talking to the gym owner he said that indeed Swiss balls would be a good idea, the gym clientele would start playing soccer with them, so he wouldn’t acquire any. (my own gym attracts an older and better behaved crowd knipoog )

SheRu: Ik ben 'r eigenlijk niet zo over te spreken. Lastig, vervelend.. Op de swissball een stuk beter uit te  voeren. En ik vond 't nogal blessuregevoelig aanvoelen.

Dumbell Swing
Here's an exercise guaranteed to freak out the skinny ACE certified personal trainers in your gym.
Swings can be performed with either a dumbbell or a kettlebell (if you're one of the six guys in the country who actually own kettlebells). This multi-joint exercise is easy to learn and really hits the posterior chain and improves the grip. It's also perfect to use as an active recovery exercise since there's little to no eccentric (negative) movement.
For the two handed version pictured below, hold a dumbbell with both hands, legs in a wide stance. Start from a neutral back position with the buttocks back and begin the acceleration of the weight by pushing the hips forward. Really try to explode the weight up. Show control of the weight and gradually increase range of motion such that the weight moves from waist level to above the head. You can also perform a single-handed version of this lift.
Avoid dropping the weight on your head. If you do, then you may find yourself with an ACE certification yourself and that would be a goddamn travesty

2kg x5
4kgx5 – 6
9kg x 7

Woot, I really was dreading this one, but what fun to do it. I first did it the wrong way by jumping up in when the db swung upwards, but you’re not supposed to do this. So the next few times I learnt how to brace myself to not let myself fly up with it. It’s going to be a lot tougher if I ever try this with heavier weights.

Opinion positive, as long as you’re not working with very heavy weights, quite fun. Might be dangerous at higher weights.

Waiter's Bow
Coach Davies is known for two things around here: unique exercise suggestions and making a six pack of MGD disappear faster than you can say "Renegade Training." Here's an exercise that's part of his very effective Man of Steel program.
Simply hold a plate across the chest with legs apart roughly shoulder width and knees slightly bent. From an upright position, bend forward until you're at 45 degrees. (The movement from rotating forward comes from the hips and is quickly felt in the hamstrings.) Then simply explode back to the starting position.

20kgx 5

Opinion negative since a 20kg disk is the heaviest available and it didn’t make me feel as if I was doing something for my back. However, do it in an hyperextension thingy or a glute-ham raise station, and it would work way better. Even with much smaller weights. How do I know? Since I’ve done weighted hyperextensions often enough. Only problem with those were that I’m too short. Even in the lowest position, the hips are never free and always supported.

Jump Squat

Haven't tossed your cookies in the gym in a while? That's a shame really. Here's an exercise to help you properly throw up while training. As a bonus, jump squats will build a great pair of quads, as well as causing that all important retching and gagging effect!

Using a much lighter load than you'd use with normal squatting, squat down with a fast (but controlled) eccentric. Shift to the concentric (lifting) phase with as little delay as possible. Jump for maximal height and land with knees bent, absorbing the shock. Pause, reset mentally, and repeat. The passwords are speed and height. Shoot for six to ten reps per set.

10kg x6
17,5kg x 4

Taking it easy by doing only a few reps with very low weights.

Opinion positive, another fun exercise to add to your list if you’re tired of doing the same ole’ exercises. It might be not so good for anyone with back issues or too much ego, as even low weights are straining for the joints.

Decline Dumbbell Extension
This one isn't all that exotic, but most people use an EZ-curl bar extension on a flat bench to train the tri's. Try this variation instead. The decline makes it more effective by keeping constant tension on the triceps and targeting all three heads of the triceps. Additionally, the dumbbells make it more comfortable on your elbows compared to using a bar. In fact, many who say they "can't" do barbell extensions can do this version quite easily.
Lie back on a decline bench holding two dumbbells in a hammer-style grip. Lower them to your ears and come back up. You can point your elbows up towards the ceiling or back behind you just a bit, whatever feels best for you.

(2x4) x18
(2x6) x 8

Hey, this is a really cool way to do triceps extensions and doing it in a decline position (better yet, on a decline ab bench) is a great little addition.
Opinion positive, one of the few isolation exercises I’ve tried in the series that can make a difference. If only to
alleviate strain on the shoulders because of the gentler hammer curl position.

And then there was no more time to do the single-leg press with stops or de ‘limited range dumbbell pull-over.

Hmm about 2 hrs later, my back is complaining a bit. Not yet sure if this is just soreness or a problem. These were really a lot of spine-taxing movements: db swings, jump squats and Russian twists as well as the waiter's bow all take their toll.

Limited Range Dumbell Pull Over
We picked this one up from T-mag contributor John Paul Catanzaro.
To increase chest size, you have to train both the pec major and minor. The minor tends to get overlooked since it's not as glamorous as the major. The limited-range pullover will target the pec minor, which in turn will "push out" the pec major, thus making it look bigger. Think of it as a natural pec implant.
Cup a dumbbell between both hands and lay back onto a flat bench. With your arms fully extended above your face, carefully lower the weight until your outstretched arms are in line with your body. Keep the small of your back pressed against the bench and brace the abdominals throughout to protect your lower back.
Make sure the elbows stay in (don't let them flare out) or else the lats will kick in. Elbows should be directly beside your ears in the bottom position. Raise the dumbbell in an arcing motion only about six to eight inches, or 45 degrees from horizontal. Keep your arms straight throughout and keep the abdominals tight!
If your chest development has stalled, try limited-range pullovers!


It must have been eons ago that I tried pull-overs. So started conservatively, also considering the twinges in the shoulders when doing the military presses. After 2 sets I got the hang of it again and went till failure.

Opinion positive, but it’s an exercise that’s only useful in a 3- or 4-split, otherwise you’ll just drop it as it remains (in my eyes) an isolation exercise.

Single Leg Press

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Aflevering 6
Excercises You've Never Tried Before #6 -
Bar Roll-outs
There are several versions of this abdominal movement, including Swiss ball and "ab roller" variations, but here's a version from Ian King that requires no special equipment.
Kneel on the ground, placing a barbell loaded with small plates in front of you. Grip the barbell with your hands at shoulder width. Keeping your arms relatively straight, roll the bar out in front of you and lower your trunk down towards the ground. If you can, go all the way down until your body is nearly touching (but not resting) on the ground.
Keep the hips and trunk in line as you lower and lift. That is, your body should form a straight line between your
knees and shoulders at all times. Resist the temptation to stick your butt in the air, particularly during the up phase.
Control down for about two to three seconds then lift as fast as you can without losing the appropriate line between the knee and hip. This is tougher than it looks. Try not to pee your pants.

From SheRu:
Espi had de #6 meegenomen naar de meet, en liet deze proberen. Een eenvoudige maar erg zware oefening! Absoluut een leuke aanrader voor de buik! Al voelde ik hem ook in m'n lats, maar dat kan ook zijn wegens optrekken eerder in de week. Dus: wel makkie op te zetten en te doen, maar absoluut géén eitje!

deze is tijdens de bijeenkomst  van B&F uitgevoerd door diverse personen. Na enig oefenen bleek de juiste uitvoering die te zijn, waarbij je vanaf ongeveer 45 graden gecontroleerd voorover 'valt' en dan weer terug rolt tot je geen rechte lijn meer kan maken. Zorgt voor serieuze buikspierpijn achteraf. Kan met elk willekeurig gewicht aan de halter gedaan worden, bij voorkeur niet te zwaar denk ik.

Lying Rope Extensions 
This tricep exercise from Coach Alessi targets the innermost medial head of the tri's like nobody's business. Just use a rope and mid-pulley and don't plan on brushing your teeth for the next few days


Espi:  in het kabelstation met 8,3x15 / 11,3x11 / 13,8x7. Best wel een relaxte variant van de staande triceps pushdown. Het enige is dat je nog wel even aan het prutsen bent voor het bankje goed staat, terwijl je bij een staande pushdown meteen kan beginnen. Voordeel is weer dat je nu iets minder met de benen meehelpt. Alhoewel dat nu met de rug gebeurt. Kan het me verbeelden maar meende onderin de rug pijn ervan te hebben.

Clap Chin ups

Ballistic Bench Press 


Vanmiddag borst getraind en gelijk effe wat oefeningen geprobeerd......en opgenomen op video natuurlijk..super blij (kan natuurlijk niet achterblijven na die woeste clips van Moob...maf!knipoog knipoog
Uit aflevering 6, de ballistic benchpress. Heb 'm echter uitgevoerd in de incline versie. Leuke oefening om te doen alleen de uitvoering is bij mij nog niet optimaal. De stang moet nog meer 'los' komen maar dat durfde ik deze keer nog niet.....

from SheRu:
Ik heb hem ook geprobeerd, en was er  behoorlijk enthousiast over. Echter, spotters zijn zowat een must-have, want het opvangen van de stang leverde een overmoedige Michel schouderpijn op. Het vergt wat oefening van zowel drukker als spotters, maar 't is een leuke uitputtende oefening. Ik vond deze oefening geloof ik twee keer in de Excercises, ook als bench throws in #18, waar ik de beschrijving wat veiliger vind. Ik had zware moeite met 15-12,5 kg.  

Uitvoering: niet echt handig in een niet goed geoliede Smith. Heb het toch geprobeerd. Mwah, ballistisch gooien gaat denk ik wel, maar je moet wel relatief lang wachten tot de halter weer terug is.

Plate Drag

See Saw Press

Here's a powerful torso builder from yesteryear that's been resurrected by Coach John Davies.

The see-saw press starts with the weight held at chest/shoulder level and palms facing towards you (like an Arnold press). As you raise your one hand, twist it inwards while simultaneously bending from your hip to your opposite side. With the weight fully extended and you bent over, begin the movement to the other side.

Espi Heb dit zowel in de Nononsense Gym als nu in Enjoy gedaan. Vandaag nog eens met 5kg dumbbells en 8 reps per kant. Wegens de kleine schouderblessure iets te vermoeiend. Vind 'm niet echt interessant genoeg om te onthouden. Lijkt wel grappig als warm up met babygewichtjes.

Overhead Shrug
Here's yet another killer movement from Coach Thibaudeau. This one is for the traps.

Hold the bar overhead (intermediate grip) as if you've just completed a shoulder press. Stretch your traps by bringing your shoulders down. Keep the arms locked and the bar overhead. The trunk must be kept tight. While keeping a tight posture, bring the shoulders up by contracting the traps; the shoulders must go up in a straight line. Hold the highest position for two seconds.

You'll perform a single set of twenty reps on this exercise. Chances are that after ten reps you won't feel your upper body and after fifteen you'll feel like you're about to enter the Twilight Zone. Then you'll know it's working!

Espi: Deed deze op zaterdag bij NoNonsense met 10 of 15kg en tot falen met ongeveer 20 reps. Geen blijvertje, zit niet te wachten op blessure (deed aan eind fokking zeer) en ook niet op dikke traps.

Mule Kick

Flat Bench Hammer Curls

Still curling a barbell for your biceps? Come on, try something new like flat bench hammer curls!

Lie on a flat bench with a pair of dumbbells. Using a semi-supinated grip and with elbows firmly planted into your sides, extend the elbows fully and flex up to the original position. Ouch.
Practice: 5kg x 6 reps.
So, what's the big deal? I can't really see any use for it, unless you're one of the biceps curling jocks.

Espi 5kg x 6 reps. Niet tot falen gegaan omdat ik het al meteen een oersaaie oefening vond.Geen blijvertje 

Mule Kick

Here's a great lower body exercise you don't see performed very often.
Attach an ankle strap to the low cable. Holding the machine for support, lift the active leg and flex the knee 90º. Simultaneously extend the hip and knee on the active leg to its end range. Lower slowly and keep tension on the hamstring as you reverse this sequence. Be sure to keep the foot straight as it'll have a tendency to "toe out" due to weak semi-membranous and tight biceps femoris muscles.

Espi good grief, what a bothersome workout to get this working. Reason is very simple. There’s no ankle strap in our gym, so I tried it with the regular pulleys. No go!
Fortunately there’s a machine in the gym that does almost the same thing : it’s called the multi-hip station. One of the exercises is the hip flexion which could very well be used for the ‘mule kick’. Not entirely, but when there’s no ankle strap, there’s little you can do.
Did one quick set of 30kgx5. 

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Excercises You've Never Tried Before #7 

Side to Side Pull Up
Here's a pull-up variation you don't see much, probably because it's damn tough! Get into a wide-grip pull-up position. The hands should be placed a little wider than the shoulders. Instead of pulling yourself straight up, pull toward one hand at a time and "kiss" your wrist. Charles Poliquin tells us this is a favorite among judokas and wrestlers.

from SheRu
Michel zocht naar een zwaardere pull-up variant, omdat Sternums te moeilijk zijn, en gewone pull ups te licht. Dit was een pittige variant, waarbij de dertig die hij normaliter fluitend gehaald zou hebben opeens een bezoeking bleken. Het is niet eenvoudig dit gecontroleerd te blijven doen, door de lange TUT. "Wij" deden hem wel met neutrale grip omdat onze stang niet breed genoeg is voor pronated zoals ' ie hier gedaan wordt, of je moet 'm aan die schuine hendeltjes doen, maar dan steek je jezelf een oog uit met de neutrale grip-dingen.

Espi Tried this one on the chinning bar, despite knowing that if I can only do 3-4 neutral grip pull-ups, doing a side-by-side pullup with wide grip would be near impossible. It was. I did manage 1 wide pullup but couldn’t get to my wrist. However, after having put my thinking cap on I did 3 for each side in the Smith as supine rows.  
neat little exercise to make chinups even more interesting

Prone Pulldown Curl

Description: Here's a biceps exercise we got from Ian King. It was designed to reduce the involvement of the anterior delt while hitting the bi's hard.
Place a prone bench in line with the seat on the lat pulldown. Lie under the lat pulldown so your head is looking up directly under the pulley. Grab the lat pulldown bar and flex the elbows. Ideally the arms start in a position that's 90 degrees to the trunk. The elbows don't move during the exercise. The movement finishes with the lat pulldown bar on the forehead.

Practice This is an exercise that's impossible to do on OUR gym's lat pulldown. But entirely feasible in the cable station where the pulley can go low enough. Had to do it with a diff bar but who cares. Fiddled with a lot of different weights until I got the right resistance: 16.3kg for 15 reps and 21.3 kg for 8 reps.
Opinion neutral-positive. Not a bad exercise as a biceps exercise, but again, too much isolation.

Seated Goodmorning on bench
Description The second version of the seated good morning is performed while parked on a bench. 
Sit down on the bench with your feet in a wide stance. Arch your lower back and bend over until your chest touches the bench, then come back up.   
Espi positive, nothing fancy, but a good alternative to a standing good morning. Liked it and will remember it when I want to do goodmornings again.

SheRu: Ik vind ze fijn, en een leuke afwisseling, en voor mijn gevoel ontlast je je hamstrings wat meer. Ook prettig als rounded back goodmornings.

Anconeus Side Kick
Description: We picked this gem up from Don Alessi. The anconeus is the often forgotten fourth elbow extensor. When this muscle is tapped, it can boost triceps strength 10 to 30% in no time flat! Do a set of these sidekicks, then do your traditional triceps exercise and you'll be stronger – instantly.
Kneel on the floor, adjacent to a flat bench. Using an unbalanced grip, grasp the medial end of the dumbbell with a pronated grip (thumbs down). Horizontally abduct the humerus so that it lies supported on the bench (the elbow is free to move). Slowly, without swinging, extend the elbow to completion. Pause and then lower slowly. 
Espi: Not sure, but the effect seems to be limited by the bench being wider than my upper arm.
Opinion neutral. This seems an extremely specialistic exercise. Perhaps useful for someone whose triceps is strong enough but he wants to eke out the last 0.5%?

Overhead Figure Eight
Big Chad Waterbury taught us this killer exercise for the rotator cuffs and core torso muscles.
Hold two dumbbells overhead with the elbows locked and walk in a figure eight pattern. The length of the pattern should be about four meters each way. The elbows stay locked and the arms remain overhead throughout (keep the palms facing forward).
The figure eight pattern increases the instability of this exercise. Just holding two dumbbells up overhead isn't very challenging, but if you walk in this pattern, all of the rotator cuff muscles have to fire to stabilize the load. Therefore, it becomes a rotator cuff exercise that challenges the muscles in more than one plane


SheRu: Dit is nou echt zo'n oefening waarvan ik dacht: "mnajamoetdatnou?"Maar met 2 x 6 kg in de hand en na een paar niet te grote, niet te kleine achtjes voel je het aardig, en de bochten leveren nét genoeg belasting op. Fijn! Ik denk dat ik dit wel vaker wil en ga doen. Makkelijk, leuk, alleen is de goofball-factor wat hoog. Op maandagavond 20.00 zie ik mezelf nog niet lekker tussen alle heren slalommen. Alhoewel, die extra bochten.. knipoog
 Espi: Be careful with the weights you use: it’s much harder than you realize: 5 kg was too heavy and by the time I backed down to 3kg my shoulders were screaming. This one may be new for some, but it wasn't new for me as a Belgian OL AKA DJ Spike had recommended this exercise some time in 2003 to me to do rotator cuff rehab. 
A very good one if you take very light weights and don’t mind looking like an idjit doing this! But who cares? 

Preacher Wrist Curl

Description: You've done preacher curls. You've done wrist curls. But have you ever tried preacher wrist curls? If not, give them a shot!

Grab an EZ-curl bar, palms supinated in traditional biceps curl position. Next, flex/curl the wrists, then extend them to return to start position. Experiment with different grip widths for variety. 

Espi couldn't make this work for lack of a separate preacher curl bench. There's only a preacher curl machine, hence the handles were in the way.
waste of gym time, db wrist curls or rollups (rolling up a disk attached to a rope) work much easier & better.

Inch Worm
Here's an intense ab exercise you can do without any equipment. Assume a position where your feet are on the floor (shoulder width) while your hands are flat on the ground in front of you (also shoulder width). At the starting position your butt should be high in the air; imagine you're are making an inverted "V" with your body.
Walk your hands out as far as possible, then walk your hands back to the starting position. Preferably, at the end position, your abs should be two to three inches off the ground and you'll look like a flying superman. You won't feel like superman, though. This one really hurts!

Wij besloten dit in 't bos te doen, en hadden dit omgedoopt naar "rupsen". Verschil met de gegeven instructie: wij verplaatsten ons voorwaarts. Althans, in 't begin. Na een metertje of vijftien ofzo, bleven we gewoon op onze buik liggen en weenden bitter. Het is kei leuk, en als je er een voorwaartse oefening van maakt, voel je je quads ook flink mee werken (door de trippelpasjes, want je moet wel trippelen en niet lopen). Vette shit.  

Espi: Ouch.. This hurts. I'd included these in warm-ups for legs, but that's only half the ROM you're required to do here.
Opinion a good one if you want to work abs in a more creative way and get flexible at the same time.

Iso-Ballistic Push Up


Description: Push-ups are for skinny mamas' boys who read Men's Fitness. T-men do iso-ballistic push-ups. Christian Thibaudeau says this drill is the upper body equivalent of a depth jump. The goal is to drop down into a push-up, project yourself in the air, land with the arms slightly bent and hold the position for fifteen seconds. This constitutes one rep. Ideally you want to do 3-6 reps per set for 3-4 sets. 

Espi Since shoulder was bothering me, only did a sissified version: 6 reps as knee-pushups. Yeah I know. Still hard on the shoulders.
Opinion nice variation if regular pushups are getting too easy

meten = weten!
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Excercises You've Never Tried Before #8
Long Bar One Arm Row
Description If you've been reading T-mag for any length of time, you know that to fully train the back you need to perform both vertical pulling movements (pull-ups and pulldowns) and horizontal pulling exercises (row variations). Leave out one or the other and you'll always have an "incomplete" back and possibly even set yourself up for imbalance injuries.
When it comes to horizontal pulling movements, you have two free weight choices: two-handed barbell rows and one-arm dumbbell rows. Well, now you have a third option: the one-arm barbell row. This variation provides a slightly different line of pull and will add some variety to your training.
Grab a barbell and stack it with plates, but none larger than 25's. (Larger plates may impede your range of motion.) Get into a normal one-arm row position with one hand on a bench. (One knee on the bench is also an option.) Now simply perform a one-arm row using the barbell. Bring the bar up, pause for one second at the top, and then lower it under control to the starting position.
40x 2

Espi: It’s been a while since I’ve had db rows in my schedule, otherwise I’d have picked a lighter starting weight. What was I thinking anyway.. even with 2-arm bb-rows the heaviest I ever was able to row was 75kgx1. I’m wondering what effective weight I was really using for this particular exercise, considering the heaviest I ever did for db rows was with 26kgx1 .What was really weird is how this particular exercise seemed to tax my abs. Much more than any other row I've ever done with the exception of renegade rows that actually feels more like an ab exercise than a row.
Opinion Neutral-positive: don't really know what to think of this one. The set up is kinda awkward because of the combination with the bench. It would be a lot easier as a stand-alone exercise. Not easier to perform, just faster actually.

Trap Bar Farmer's Walk

Description T-mag has written about this strongman favorite several times before. It's a great exercise for overall conditioning and it really targets the traps as well. To perform the farmer's walk, simply grab two heavy dumbbells and take a stroll. You can go for distance or see how fast you can walk a pre-determined path.
The problem is that even the biggest Muscle Media readin' wussy can use 100-pound dumbbells, and many gyms don't go much heavier than that. To skirt this problem, just grab two trap bars, load them up, and hold on to one side of each bar. Now you can go as heavy as you want without being limited by the dumbbells in your gym. 
Note: Sorry, this may not work for really short guys. 

Siffie Lunge
Description Here's a painful little gem we picked up from contributor Coach Christian Thibaudeau. A Siffie is identical to a regular lunge, save for one important exception: you stay on your toes the entire time. At no point during the set are your heels to touch the ground. You can use dumbbells or a barbell. This is a great lower body exercise that really targets the calves.  

Practice:  (6kgx2)x4 - 4. Wow, this is a balancing act.
Opinion: positive. Tricky little exercise that indeed works both for the calves and the posterior chain. I'd not be surprised though if this is an exercise that can make you legs cramp big time. Very good one for masochistic girls/guys with good balance. On second thought: perhaps not enough stimulus for the calves to grow?

Ball Buster Squat

Description: This exercise is actually called a straddle split squat. It's really only a "ball buster" if you do it wrong or the weight slips off one end!
Straddle a bar in a static lunge position. Keep your head upright and your back straight. Now lower your knee almost to the ground, pause, and come back up. Repeat for the desired number of reps and then do the other leg.
Espi 30x3, difficult to get it done properly because you tend to lean forwards too much. A girl won't have her balls busted but have other sensitive parts put in danger.
Opinion Negative: if you're looking for something to replace back squats when you are without a proper squat rack, go learn how to clean and do front squats instead as it's simply impossible to do this one with high enough weight.. At least I think so.

Overhead Walk

Description: We picked up this one from Coach Davies. It's simple, effective, brutally hard, and scares personal trainers, which is our favorite part.
Press a weight above your head, maintain good posture, and walk slowly for five minutes.
Start with a weight light enough that you could walk around with it for eight minutes, but only walk around with it for five (that equates to roughly 60% of your maximum load). Gradually build up time using an undulating wave pattern. In other words, don't try to beat your previous performance each time. Instead, follow a five-minute walk with a three-minute walk, followed by a five-and-a-half minute walk.
Espi 10kg x 1 minute? Makes my arms and shoulder wear out really fast. But dang, our gym is tiny! If the weight room would have been at ground level, I wouldn't have hesitated to take the bb outside.
Opinion positive. A neat and simple exericse. Good one for building up endurance.If only our gym would be bigger.. 

Straight Arm Dumbell Row

Description: Here's another unique row variation, this one from the Ice Dog himself, Coach Thibaudeau.
This exercise is very good at developing the lats. The objective is to bring the arm up and back while keeping it relatively straight. Really concentrate on your lats while doing this drill. Don't use a lot of weight as it's not needed to get the most out of this exercise. It's more important to focus on maintaining maximum back tension during every inch of every rep.

Espi 8x8 , 12x8. It took a while to figure out what one exactly is supposed to do. So, this is a straight arm db-row that looks like a triceps kickback but isn't the same. Except that like with kickbacks, you can't really use a lot of weight.
Opinion Negative: are you kidding me? There are many better exercises available to do rows with. Perhaps when you're stuck with teeny weights somewhere and still want to work your lats?

Sternum Pull Up 
This is perhaps the most wicked pull-up variation out there. You have to be pretty damn advanced to do this one!
Grasp a chin-up bar with a slightly wider than shoulder width, semi-supinated (parallel) grip. One of those V-shaped bars will work fine. Begin at the bottom, stretched position. First, forcibly pull together and separate the shoulder blades for one second each. Next, perform the concentric (pulling) portion of a traditional pull-up, but strive to touch the sternum to the V-shaped handle. Force the elbows down and back as your chest touches the bar. Perform a static hold at the elbow flexed, top position.

from SheRu
Michel heeft ze bij ons geprobeerd, en hij is onze Koning Pull Up. Weliswaar zonder V-grip tot op heden, dus gewoon met gesupineerde grip maar wat een killer! Lood- en loodzwaar. Het gekanteld geraken is heel erg lastig.

Opinion : Negative: well if you have tried all other options and can do a gazillion chinups.. Perhaps it might be good for you too. Good luck. But if I were you, I’d try to see if you can do 1-arm pull-ups or clap-chinups first.
Rack Lockout

Description: Rack lockouts are partial reps in the close-grip bench press. Because you're using a close-grip, you'll strongly recruit the triceps. Furthermore, the highest recruitment of the triceps occurs at the end of the range of motion in the bench press movement. To take advantage of this extra degree of recruitment, you can use a power rack to limit your range of motion, which will also allow you to use a greater amount of weight than if you were doing full range of motion bench presses.
We recommend using the "stops" in a power rack to shorten your range of motion. In other words, place the stops several inches above your chest so that your range of motion is only one-third to one-fourth of what it would normally be. You should also pause at the bottom of the movement (the point at which the bar hits the stops) so that you can't use the elastic component of the muscle.
Your triceps will scream, then grow like weeds!
Espi 40x7 , 50x3, 55x3 , 60x3 - 60x5. Never did partial reps before for bench pressing so it was difficult to see where to aim for. Didn’t feel anything in my triceps until I finally lowered the weight further down. 
Opinion positive. This exercise felt as if I was cheating all the time. Once I got over that feeling I started to appreciate it and actually intend to utilize it in future routines. Except for one thing: I'll lower the barbell till my upper arms are parallel with the bench. OK, it's then no longer a 'rack lockout' but a partial bench press. But the advantage will be that I'll have a better gauge for progress, as there's such a huge difference between lowering just for 5 cm or 10cm. Plus it will target the triceps more without hurting the shoulders as much as a regular (close-grip) bench press that I gave up when the shoulders were whining too much again. 

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Excercises You've Never Tried Before #9 -
The Gironda Perfect Curl
Omschrijving The perfect or "complete" curl was invented by one of the first real gurus in the iron game, the late Vince Gironda. T-Nation readers may have first learned of this exercise from Christian Thibaudeau, who calls it the best biceps builder bar-none.
Before starting the movement, bring your upper torso backward, shifting your weight toward the heels. Now curl the weight up from that position. As you lift the weight you're going to slowly bend the upper torso forward so that in the end position the shoulders are in front of the hips and knees. You lower the bar using the opposite motion. Start in the torso forward position and as the bar is lowered, bring it to the backward position.
This change of lever during the movement really places a huge amount of tension on the biceps during the execution of the entire exercise. In the original version, Gironda wanted each rep to take approximately six seconds. Remember, perform this bad boy under control; it’s not a cheat curl! 

en nog eens heel langzaam 10x3  .Aha, zo moet je dat dus doen.. heeeeel langzaam.

't Duurde 2 sets voor ik door kreeg hoe deze nu echt gedaan moest worden: subtiel naar achteren buigen en dan stevig knijpen bij het einde. Ah, oké zo dan.. Toch zal je mij deze oefening niet snel zien opnemen.. Voorlopig: tijdverspilling 

G1 Poor Man's Shoulder Horn

Omschrijving The external rotators are often undertrained or simply not trained at all. Not only can this lead to tendonitis and shoulder impingement, but at the very least you could develop some serious muscle imbalances around the shoulder. To help you isolate the external rotation muscles, some clever guys invented a device called the Shoulder Horn. Too damn broke to buy one? Here's the poor man's version.
To start, sit on a flat bench and bring one leg up and place the foot flat on the bench. Take a light dumbbell in the same hand and press your elbow into the inside of your knee. From this position, you can go through full ROM (range of motion) external rotations. 

Espi 4x12/12. Niet heel moeilijk om te doen.
geen slechte oefening, heb alleen al een cable exo-rotatie in mijn schema zitten, die fijner aanvoelt

SheRu: Ik heb ze thuis, op bed, voor de tv gedaan. Ging prima. Een uitstekende vervanger, als onze pulley 's bezet is, of als ik geen zin heb er heen te lopen. Fijner ook dan dat rare op je zij-op-een-bankje

H1 Drag Curls

Omschrijving This is another great biceps curl variation you don't see used very often. As you curl the weight up, the bar must be kept in contact with the body at all times and the elbows should be kept as close to the torso as possible. This is why it's called a drag curl: you "drag" the bar up your body.
Squeeze extra hard in the peak contraction position. You lower the bar the same way, by keeping it in contact with the body. Both a regular and reverse grip can be used effectively. A shaved head isn't necessary, but it helps, especially if your biceps are roughly the same size as your big dome.

Espi 10x12/12. Squeeeeeze the barrr!
Wil je een serieus antwoord? 't Deed me aan een clean denken omdat die ook een verticale route volgt. Maar verder? Zonde van je shirt en zonde van je tijd.. Tenzij je een aanhanger bent van aerobics: FEEL THE BURRRNNN!!

Elbows-Out Extensions
We picked this painful puppy up from Dave Tate. This is one of the best movements for the "lower" part of the triceps. If you ever get a chance to see a great bencher, take note of all that triceps mass right above the elbow. According to Tate, this is where big benches come from, not the upper part of the triceps. The elbows-out extension is designed to bring this area up to par.

To perform the movement, press the dumbbells to the starting position above your chest. You want to keep the butts of the bells together as you lower them to your chest, keeping the elbows out. Pause on your chest for a second, then press and extend the dumbbells back to the starting position while making sure to keep the butts together.
SheRu: Deze doe ik al een tijdje, en 't gekke is dat je hem op een heel andere plek dan normaal in je triceps voelt. Eerlijk is eerlijk, ik had niet goed genoeg gelezen, en op 't strekkende deel zat ik half te YMCA'en. Wel een leuke en goede oefening! 

't Duurde even voor ik door had welk gewicht handig zou zijn, omdat de overgang tussen net goed en te zwaar nogal abrupt is. 
 wel interessant en relaxte oefening voor als ik eens de tricepskracht (of omvang) wil verbeteren 



Slide Push Ups

Zercher Goodmornings
Here's that crazy bastard Coach Davies's favorite way of performing good mornings: Zercher style! The term Zercher is usually applied to squats and they’re performed by cradling the barbell in your arms and then squatting down.
To perform Zercher Good Mornings, you also hold the bar in the crook of your biceps, arms up tight to your chest. With your feet wider than shoulder-width, initiate the movement by pushing the buttocks back and lowering to the neutral position with the back at approximately 45 degrees. Concentrating on your hamstrings, come back up into the start position. This is a great hammie builder for bodybuilders and athletes alike!

Ik was eigenlijk wat skeptisch over deze oefening, ik bedoel, zo'n barbell knuffelen voor dikke hamstrings.. Mnah. Na uitvoering (met zo'n 40kg in superset met pullthroughs) ben ik er bij lange na niet zo negatief over. Het gewicht trekt op een heel andere manier aan je en dat levert toch wat op qua oefening. Nadeel vind ik dat 't wel flink pijn aan je ellebogen doet. Ik zou 'm wel alleen als afwisseling (in combi met pullthrough! Super!) en niet als hoofdoefening doen. 
Espi  25x9 Merkte alleen wat van pijn in de ellebogen. Uitvoering was niet denderend. 
negatief: doet te veel zeer aan de ellebogen om de aandacht bij een goede uitvoering te houden / kan er de meerwaarde niet van inzien,al geloof ik graag dat het zwaartekrachtpunt gewijzigd wordt 


Barbell Jump Lunges

Description Here's a great exercise to set your legs and lungs on fire. This is basically a barbell lunge where you jump up between reps and switch legs in mid-air. 
Start from a jump squat position with roughly 30% of your 1RM dynamic barbell lunge. Explode up and extend one leg forward in mid-air. Upon landing, immediately drive upward, once again propelling yourself into the air where you'll extend the other leg forward. More fun than a panty raid at the Playboy Mansion! 

Espi 10x3 . 'k Wist dat ik hier weinig van zou bakken, dus de lichtste halter maar gepakt en er slechts 3 benauwde hh mee gedaan. Overhandigd aan een dame die vaak Body Pump doet en beter in evenwichtsoefeningen is dan ik. Zij vond echter net als ik de sprong van voren naar achteren erg lastig te doen. Van squat naar lunge gaat redelijk, maar dan omhoog springen en been wisselen is echt lastig, zelfs met een licht gewicht. 
Uitstekende en veeleisende oefening voor als je op sprongkracht wil trainen en een redelijke balans hebt. Wel zo prettig om het op een zachtere mat te doen. Of beter nog: voorlopig eerst met enkel je eigen lichaamsgewicht oefenen.

Bodyweight Triceps Extensions

Description This one is a lot tougher than it looks. Christian Thibaudeau calls it one of the best possible triceps exercises — and you don't even need any weights!
The photos explain it all; just make sure that you lift your body only by extending your arm at the elbow, not by pressing with the shoulders and chest. Take three seconds to lower your body and one second to bring it back up. Take as many seconds as you need between sets to cry like a baby and rub your aching tri's.

Add a few of these to your list of "man-makers" today! We dare ya! 

Espi:  BW (op knietjes) x 6. Durfde deze niet op mijn tenen te doen omdat schouders al zeer deden van een iets te veel geforceerde rack lockout. Mening: neutraal: vast een geweldig alternatief voor dips, maar niet voor mij. Deed zelfs zeer bij mietjes-alternatief, op de knie. Mogelijk andere keer nog eens proberen.  

meten = weten!
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Excercises You've Never Tried Before #10 -
Plate Loaded Lateral Raise

Description W e picked up this lateral raise variation from T-mag contributor John Paul Catanzaro. Using a bent arm to improve the leverage, place a weight plate over the elbow. Hold it there with one hand while raising it to the side with the "loaded" arm.
This is a great exercise to add to your arsenal of shoulder "widening" movements!

Espi 5x11 / 10x9 , voelt vreemd aan, bijna als een rehab oefening 
negatief: doe zelfs al geen lateral raises meer, laat staan deze variant. Zij het wel dat deze wel goed aan voelde in vergelijking met de 'lange' arm db lateral raises

Low Barbell Raise

Description This looks like a curl that doesn't know when to stop, but it's actually a delt exercise we learned from Don Alessi. 
Grasp a barbell with an underhand (supinated) regular-width grip. Flex the knees slightly and start with the bar resting at mid-thigh level, elbows at 15 degrees of flexion. While maintaining elbow flexion, raise the bar overhead by using your delts. The movement should be explosive and smooth. At midpoint (with the bar overhead) the bar should be in vertical alignment with the ears, hips, and ankles. Reverse this pattern to return the weight under control to the starting position. Just try not to drop it on your head. People will laugh.

Espi voelt met 15° beter aan dan bij 90° , maar zie 'm toch niet in mijn schema terugkomen: dan liever cleans en military presses

One Leg Goodmorning


Description As if normal good mornings weren't challenging enough, now we have a one-legged version from Coach John Davies! This is a great hamstring and posterior chain exercise.
Stand on your right leg with your left leg extended back and parallel to the ground. If needed, maintain balance by holding on to something. Hold a dumbbell or plate with your right hand to the outside of your right foot. Rise up by pulling hard on the hamstring and stand perfectly upright.
Don't forget to do the other leg or you'll walk funny. Also, don't drop the weight on the dog or we'll sick those wacky PETA folks on you

15x 6 – 3

Espi: Deed 2 sets terwijl ik me aan een halter vasthield en de laatste vrijstaand, dat gaf heel wat gewiebel. 

negatief: laat maar lekker zitten, het doen van een GM terwijl je je in evenwicht probeert te houden lijkt me niet echt optimaal.

The Iso 1-leg Squat

Description This is an evil exercise. Why? Because a Canadian came up with it, and as we all know, Canadians are evil. 
Okay, we're just kidding about Canadians being evil, but this Christian Thibaudeau movement will kick your butt! Place your back leg on an elevated object and bring the front leg forward as shown. Bend your front leg at the knee so that the upper leg is close to parallel with the floor and the knee in line with the front foot. Your trunk should be kept upright with hands on your hips. The objective is to hold that position for 60 seconds per leg. If you can handle that length of time, you can hold a dumbbell in your hands to make it even harder. Thibaudeau recommends you use this exercise as part of a superset with a basic quadriceps movement. Just make sure to do the heavy basic exercise first. 
Espi BW x 25s (left) 35s (right) ,  met stopwatch 
neutraal: OK voor rekken & strekken, niet zo zinvol als weerstandstraining vanwege de lange duur ervan 

Tja, ik ben 'r wel enthousiast over. HElaas is m'n stopwatch even kapot, maar werkelijk killing, dit! Pijnlijk en lastig.

Incline Dumbbell Shrug (aka Bench Humper super blij)

This one makes us feel funny on our special places, but it's also a damn good exercise for the upper and middle portions of the traps. 

Lie facedown on an incline bench while holding a dumbbell in each hand. Let the arms hang down perpendicular to the ground. From that position, shrug the bells up in a straight line. Get a good stretch at the bottom as you lower them down. 

The bald head is optional, but it does help you get into the right mind set!

Uitvoering (2x14)x12 – (2x22)x8 . Heb dit met het bankje in standen gedaan, hoog en laag. Bij de hoge stand drukte ik te veel met de neus in het bankje, bij de lage stand gingen de schouders zeer doen. 
Espi: negatief: had al een hekel aan de vreemde positie, maar hield er nog minder van om last van de schouders te krijgen bij het shruggen , je maakt makkelijk een verkeerde beweging, ook bij het terugzetten

One Armed Eccentric Chin Up 

Lean Away Eccentric Dumbell Curls



Here's a classic biceps blaster from Charles Poliquin. Holding dumbbells, sit with your back and triceps resting against the side of a Swiss ball. 
Perform the concentric (lifting) range of a seated dumbbell curl. 
Once you curl the dumbbells to the top, raise your hips so that your thighs are parallel to the floor. Your upper body should then be literally on top of the ball. Lower the dumbbells down and away from you.
Lower the hips and repeat until you hit your target number of reps. 
This really stresses different points on the strength curve and hits the bi's in a unique way! Try it!  

Espi positief: had gedacht dat het 3x niks zou zijn, teveel gedoe met een bal. Viel me 100% mee, voelde prettig aan om in 1 set biceps curl en flyes te combineren. Dacht tenminste dat het flyes moesten zijn, kan ook zijn dat het een db curl moest zijn, maar dat  maak ik uit de tekst (en foto) niet op.

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Excercises You've Never Tried Before #11 
Bradford Press
Here's an oldie but a goodie recently re-popularized by coaches like John Davies and Joe DeFranco.
This movement is a lot like a military (overhead) press, only you press the barbell just high enough to clear your head and then lower it behind your neck until it touches your traps. Once it does, immediately reverse the movement by pressing the barbell up and over your head and then lowering it to your upper chest. That's one rep.
The idea is to never press the bar all the way up so you keep tension on your shoulders. You can do this one standing or seated.

SheRu: Dit liet ik een trainingsvriendje van me doen op de vroege morgen, met zo'n 40kg, en het schijnt echt vies tegen te vallen. Je verzuurt supersnel.

Espi negatief: te veel risico op schouder klachten. Iemand die geen squatrek heeft en toch back squats will doen, zal gedwongen zijn deze oefening uit te voeren.  Wat automatisch inhoudt dat je slechts zal kunnen squatten wat je over je hoofd kan tillen.. en hopelijk ook weer terug. Dan is een squat vanaf een bankdrukbankje logischer.   

Sprinter Sit-Ups
The X-Row

Description The X-row is a unique alternative to the seated row or pulldown.  A tip of the hat to Don Alessi for this one! 
Using a cable crossover set-up, grasp the left cable with your right hand and the right cable with your left hand. Kneel or sit two to three feet in front of the high cable with a swivel-mounted pulley. Simultaneously pull and cross the handles in front of your body until your hands reach the middle portion of your chest. 
Make sure your shoulders are low so that there's minimal tension on your traps. Pause in the contracted position with the shoulder blades squeezed together hard. This one will really hit your back in a unique way! 
Note: We recommend performing this exercise in gym clothes, not your "casual Friday" wear as shown above. 
Espi: staand (8,75x2)x13  - (11,25x2)x10-10 
neutraal-positief: interessante oefening. Kon er eerst niet zo voor warmlopen tot ik herlas en begreep dat je de schouders echt laag moet houden..en schouderbladen naar elkaar toedrukken. Dat voelde een stuk beter

F1 T-Push ups
Description Yet another DeFranco gem! This one hits your chest, arms, rear delts and abdominal core.
Start by getting into a push-up position with your hands on two light dumbbells. Perform a traditional push-up. After you push yourself up, perform a sort of rear delt raise with one arm. Then go down into another push-up and come out of it with a rear dealt raise using the other arm.
This is a really, really tough one. Hexagonal dumbbells make it a little easier but not much. Be careful with this beast and shoot for a couple of sets of 4 to 10 reps.

Practice deed deze oefening al veel langer en voorheen was het regelmatig een onderdeel van de ab routine of opwarming. Dit was de eerste keer dat ik 'm met gewicht deed, zij het slechts me 2kg. 
Espi positief, goede oefening . Veel moeilijker dan je denkt.

G1 Overhead Press Down
Description This movement, courtesy of Charles Poliquin, is sort of like a concentration curl for the triceps, providing plenty of isolation.
To perform the overhead pressdown, place an incline bench in front of a high pulley so that when you sit down you're facing away from the machine. Grasp a straight bar handle and, with your upper arms glued to your torso, extend the forearms. You are, in essence, doing a fairly traditional pressdown, but doing it on an incline bench allows you to keep perfect form.

Throw this one in after your close grip bench presses or weighted triceps dips to really fry those muscle fibers!
Toss a few of these movements into your workout this week and stimulate some new muscle gains! 
Espi positief, gewoonlijk ben ik niet zo dol op isolatie 'shit' maar deze kan een welkom alternatief zijn voor close-grip bench presses, die de schouders naar mijn zin te veel belasten. Dat geldt zelfs voor de rope press down. Enige nadeel: duurt wel even voor je alles goed hebt staan en het kabelstation is bij ons redelijk populair.   

I1 Hamstring Cable Curl
This time I brought my own ankle/wrist weights and did the exercise with these.
Hmmm it’s still hard to refrain it from sliding up.
Eventually I did the same exercise in the LifeFitness hip station and actually, while you might scoff at machines sometimes, this one really rocks! It’s a bit similar to this one (can’t find an exact similar image though)
En laatste aanvulling van vandaag (14-2): blijkt dat er toch een dingetje is waar je deze oefening in het kabelstation kan doen. Truc is dat je het driehoekig kantje achter je hak moet haken en de boel dan aansnoeren. Dit werkte uiteindelijk vrij redelijk, alleen zat de kabel in de weg, ws is een iets andere standhoek beter. 't Blijft een heel gehannes.

Swiss Ball Russian Twists
We learned these two rotational strength exercises from Paul Chek. Both are great for the abs and obliques.
Begin this first exercise by lying supine on a Swiss ball with your shoulders in the middle of the ball. Put your hands together out in front of your body and begin rotating your torso left to right, making sure you don't drop your hips. You can make it more challenging by either speeding up the movement, placing a weight in your hands, or both.You can also reverse things and rotate the lower torso

SheRu: Kijk, dit is nou een leuke schuine buikspiertoestand. Onze Michel wist van geen ophouden, en vond hem zowel effectief als leuk. Met dumbell in de handen, dat wel.



4kg medicijnbal x10 naar elke kant als onderdeel van de dynamische opwarming en nog eens 5kgx6 achteraf. Vervolgens voor de omgekeerde Russische twist , 3x naar beide kanten. 
positief: die met bovenlichaam kende ik al lang en doe ik bijna elke training als onderdeel van de dynamische opwarming. De omgekeerde variant is andere koek: erg lastig om evenwicht te bewaren. Maar denk dat het een volgende keer, aan het begin van een training makkelijker moet kunnen gaan.
meten = weten!
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Aflevering 12

Excercises You've Never Tried Before #12 -
Power Upright Rowing

Omschrijving T-Nation contributor Christian Thibaudeau learned from his Olympic lifting background that using momentum to power up a heavy load isn't always "cheating." Sometimes, it can even lead to new muscle gains.
The power upright row is a good example. This is essentially a cheated upright row because you use your legs to start the lift. The extra weight will really help you stimulate the traps and delts.
There's one catch though: to really make this movement effective, you need to hold the end or top position for about two seconds while flexing your shoulders and traps as hard as possible.

Try it in place of regular upright rows or shrugs this week
Dit is bijna een hang clean, alleen komt de halter nog hoger uit en hou je het dan bovenin even vast.
Opinion negatief. Voor mij een te riskante oefening.. Upright rows kunnen al een te zware belasting voor de schouders zijn en deze power upright rows gaan nog een stap verder. Miss wel leuk voor iemand met stalen schouders?

Side Lunge
Description Here's a great lower body exercise you probably haven't tried before. Perform a side lunge by stepping to the side as far as possible with one leg, then bending the knee until the upper thigh is almost parallel to the floor. Keep the opposite leg as straight as you can.
To finish the exercise, thrust off the bent leg and come back to the starting position. You can alternate sides each rep or do a full set for each side independently. Try it with a barbell if you're feeling spunky.
If you're as studly as contributor Don Alessi is in this pic, be sure to remove your shirt before performing. 

Espi positief: doe deze al hele tijden als onderdeel van opwarmroutine. Heb 'm echter nog nooit met gewicht erbij gedaan.. dat zal er ooit nog wel eens van komen. 

H1 The One Arm Bench Press

Description Oh sure, you've tried dumbbell bench presses, barbell presses, and even incline and decline presses, but have you ever done them unilaterally - one side at a time?
Sure, it's awkward and places a unique stress on your body, but that's the whole idea! Try three sets of one-arm presses for each side instead of your usual bench press.
Just don't fall off the bench. Girls will giggle. 

Espi neutraal, het is duidelijk weer zo'n hybride-oefening zoals bijv ook T-pushup en renegade row. Alleen vind ik 'm daarvoor net niet leuk & uitdagend genoeg. En op kracht kan je hier niet mee trainen. Zie wel een rol hiervoor als je bijv veel zwakkere linkerarm hebt dan een rechterarm zodat je je zwakke kant kan verbeteren. 

Low Pulley Swiss Ball Crunch


Description The Swiss ball is great for ab work because it allows you to get a full range of motion (ROM), something you can't get from regular crunches performed on the floor. And since the abs are made up of mostly fast-twitch fibers, they respond best to heavy resistance and, consequently, low reps. 
The low pulley Swiss ball crunch (first introduced to T-Nation by Joe DeFranco) allows you to add resistance through the full range of motion. 
Use a rope handle and remember to go heavy. If you're accustomed to doing dozens of crunches on the floor, start with four sets of six heavy reps on this exercise. If you're so sore it hurts to digest food the next day, don't say we didn't warn you! 

Espi neutral-negative : it does add quite a bit of ROM, but in my gym the set-up is too awkward to do this more often (the Swiss ball is located on another floor). I'm doing a similar exercise but then as kneeling cable crunches. Much easier to do with very heavy weights.. so this can give all the ab soreness you want     

No Partner Assisted Pull Up


Description This little trick is great for newbies, women, and heavy guys who need a little assistance in the pull-up. If you don't have a partner to give you a little boost, grab a resistance band or some resistance tubing used by the cardio queens.  
Slip one knee into the loop and hold the top of the band with both hands. Now, with your knee still in the loop, reach up and grab the bar. The band will be stretched between your hands and your grip will hold it in place. 
The band will act as your "training partner," giving you just enough help to knock out a few extra reps.

SheRu: Zeer handige oplossing, evenals bij dips. Alleen is 't even zoeken met de juiste weerstand, en vond ik het vervelend als die band om m'n enkel schoot, want dan kom je er zo rottig uit. Wel een lekker natuurlijke, prettige manier van verlichten.

Leg Throws 
This is a classic ab training exercise often used by boxers. Lie on the ground and get someone to stand over your head with his feet on either side of your ears. If it's a female, take this opportunity to look up her shorts.
Now, grab his or her ankles and with your legs together, lift them towards your partner. Your partner should grab your ankles, pause for a moment, then rapidly "throw" your legs away from him. Resist the throw and try not to let your heels touch the ground (they should get close though.)

Fire your legs back towards your partner and continue for the desired number of reps. If you're a glutton for punishment, ask your partner to vary the angle of the throw without warning. If you're a real glutton for punishment, wear leather shorts and a ball gag and have your partner whip you.
Bij boksen kwam deze altijd voorbij, en ik ben 'r  gek op. Zwaar, en leuk om te varieren door je partner verrassingen in te laten bouwen door te variëren met hoe ver hij je terug laat zwaaien, opeens heel zacht of hard te duwen, etc. Wel vind ik een nadeel dat het heel makkelijk is om je heup/bovenbeenspieren hierbij meer te gebruiken dan zou moeten.

Espi Neutral-positief: aardige oefening, maar lastig om op gecontroleerde wijze te verzwaren (al maakt dat het juist wel grappig). Je bent afhankelijk van het fanatisme (of gebrek eraan) van degene die je voeten wegduwt, maw je moet op elkaar ingesteld zijn. Vind het fijner een oefening te doen waar je zelf de 'touwtjes' in handen hebt. 

Deadman Quad Raises

Omschrijving Think you can't set those quads on fire without squatting a gymful of plates? Well, you can with this exercise!
Start on your knees with the trunk upright and in line with the upper legs. During the whole movement the trunk and upper thighs must be kept on the same line; this is the key to the effectiveness of this drill.
Lower yourself back under control while remembering to keep your trunk in line with the upper legs during the whole movement. Lower yourself as low as possible, then come back up to the starting position by tensing your quads hard.
If your abs are a cute as the model's in this pic, prepare to accept a standing ovation upon completion of each set.
Seven new exercises to help you keep your sanity in the gym. Try them out soon and let us know what you think!

Uitvoering BWx4 en toen stonden mijn quadriceps in brand...
Oordeel neutraal-positief: lijkt bijna sprekend op de Sissy squat.  Die doe je staand/hangend , met 1 hand aan bijv het Smith rek. De ROM is groter voor de sissy squat, maar deze variant is moeilijker ivm het evenwicht en doet (subjectief omdat ik tegenwoordig veel meer spierpijn heb dan voorheen!) meer zeer. Als je dol bent op het helemaal afbranden van je quads in 1 training kan dit een goede afmaker zijn.   

meten = weten!
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Aflevering 13
Excercises You've Never Tried Before #13 
The Decline Step-Up


Description We ripped this off from Charles Staley, er, we mean we learned it from Staley. (Don't pinch ideas from people who write martial arts books, kiddies.)

It's performed like a regular step-up except you use a declined bench. Your toe should be about two or three inches lower than your heel. Add a barbell or hold dumbbells to increase the load. This will fry your legs and give you a dead sexy butt… Wait, did we type that out loud 

Neutral-positive: may be easier with a bench that’s less ‘prominent’. Can’t really see a big enough difference with regular step-ups to be bothered doing these. 

The Resistance Band Bench Press
You don't have to be a powerlifter to benefit from the unique stimulus band training provides. You also don't have to bother with setting up two bands on a barbell bench press. Instead, try it with dumbbells and a single band.

Just wrap the band around your back and grab the dumbbells. The band is held in place between your palms and the bar. This is a great trick to use to blast through loading plateaus.
Search this site for several great band training articles by Tate and Thibaudeau to learn all the benefits of band training.

From Sheru
Beide varianten vormen een uitdagende variatie. Dit is wellicht de makkelijkste om klaar te maken. Zelf voelde ik dat 't mij zal leren om snelheid in m'n lifts op te bouwen. Namelijk, hoe langzamer je beweegt, hoe langer je in het gebied met extra hoge spanning zit. Dus je komt er al vrij vlot achter dat dat niet de meest efficiënte manier is.

The Half Deadlift aka Rack Pulls

Omschrijving The half deadlift or rack pull builds a brutal upper back and traps! Place a bar in a power rack so that it sits just above knee level and load it up with every dang plate in the gym. Now perform just the "top" of a deadlift. Coach Christian Thibaudeau recommends that you hold for two seconds at lockout before lowering the bar back to the pins.
While we normally don't recommend that you use lifting straps or hooks, break them out on the last couple of sets of this exercise so you can really focus on the heavy load. If you do it right you'll see pretty little stars and colors swirling around your head. Groovy, man, groovy.

60x18 (for DL = 20RM)
100x9 (for DL = 3RM)
130x0 (DL: geen RM)
Het is alweer heel lang geleden dat ik ooit rack pulls gedaan heb en wist niet precies waar te beginnen. Omdat gisteren Pim en Hermanus tijdens de meeting precies deze oefening wilden gaan doen, besloot ik mee te doen en te zien waar het schip zou stranden.
Ter vergelijking heb ik de RMs voor dat gewicht bij DL geplaatst.

Zestig kilo voelde vederlicht aan, had mogelijk wel tot 22 oid kunnen doorgaan, maar besloot bij 18 te stoppen. 
De 100 kg is een mooi gewicht om met DLs te vergelijken. Haalde hier 9 reps en had met wat hangen en wurgen er mogelijk wel 11 uit kunnen persen. Als je dat vergelijkt met een DL, waar ik ooit 3 reps haalde, komt die 3 reps overeen met een 110kg voor 1 rep en deze van 100kgx9 met 130kg voor 1 rep.
En laat die 130 kg nu het volgende gewicht zijn dat voor Pim en Hermanus slechts opwarmertjes waren.. voor mij bleek het een afmaker, want kreeg het kreng geen millimeter van de grond.
Als ik dit nog een keer wil doen, zal ik er nog 1 opbouw set tussen stoppen. 'k Was ook helemaal koud nu en had nog geeneens een dynamische warming-up gedaan.

Espi goede oefening om rugkracht op te bouwen. Wel wat eng voor mij omdat hier grip faalt en ik met straps verder kan komen waar dan de rug zal falen.. altijd eng als je bedenkt wat er kan gebeuren.

Ik heb ze ten tijde van WSB wat vaker gedaan en heb 'r best schik mee. Een prima oefening om je grip & lockout mee te testen, pesten, en trainen. Wel vind ik het nadeel dat met ons squatrek je op een aerobicsstep moet staan. Ben toch angstig dat 'ie eruit knalt.

The Ball Smash

Omschrijving We learned this one from one of the gals down in the customer service department of our office. One little innocent comment about how she could "service our big customer" and smash! Right in the jewels! Okay, truthfully, this is another Staley exercise.
To train the rectus abdominus in a unique manner, pick up a medicine ball and hold it over your head, elbows and knees slightly flexed. Now, come up on the toes and accelerate the ball downward, attempting to burst it against the floor. If the ball has a little bounce to it, you'll be able to catch it and smoothly continue to the next rep in one fluid motion. For greatest force production, there should be little hesitation between raising and smashing the ball downward.
This works especially well if you've had a bad day at work, like when the hottie in customer service smashes you in the balls in spite of your smooth lines and prodigious chest hair.

Grappige oefening, maar dan moeten de ballen wel meewerken. Medicijnballen stuiteren niet. Die van 1 kg wilde wel, maar dat was zo'n pielgewicht dat je buikspieren er niks van merken. Echt alleen fatsoenlijk te doen met een niet te lichte basketbal.
Opinion positief, grappige oefening als alternatief voor saaie crunches.

The Pull & Catch


Description Coach Davies uses this exercise to teach the power clean, but it makes a cool movement all on its own. This one requires calm execution and focus. No sissies please.

Hold a dumbbell in front of you at hip height or start from the floor position with the opposite hand behind your back. Drive the hips through and upwards, pulling the weight up. Once it drives past your waist, release the dumbbell and bring the opposite hand around to catch it as it descends.

Yes, you read that right. Yes, Coach Davies is insane. 


Espi Neutral-negative: Hmm not sure where this one fits in, except for ‘having fun with dumbbells and scaring other people’.

Cable Pull Through

Description Here's a weird lookin' but highly effective exercise from Dave Tate designed to torch your low back, hamstrings and glutes.

Begin by facing away from a low pulley cable with a single "D" handle or triceps rope. Bend over and grab the handle between your legs while facing away from the machine, then pull the handle through your legs until your body is in an upright position.

Shaven head optional but strongly recommended.

Espi positive: otherwise it wouldn't have been a mainstay in my posterior-chain exercises knipoog Only negative part is that you look weird doing those. Also don’t like the male-oriented description of this exercise. Won’t ever shave my head, unless I feel like going for a retreat in a Buddhist cloister.

Supine Rows
This exercise is great for your upper back. It can also act as a precursor for a newbie wanting to get started on chin-ups. Feel free to play around with the hand position and the location of your feet. Perform them with palms facing you, palms facing away, plus experiment with wide or narrow grip widths.

Coach Mike Robertson recommends that newbies start the exercise with the feet on the ground. As you get stronger, place your feet on a bench or Swiss ball. Advanced lifters can add a weighted vest or have a partner put plates on your chest. Being straddled by a petite college cheerleader, preferably named Tiffany or Amber, will probably work too. (Yeah, you wish.)

from SheRu
Wij doen 'm al een tijdje, en ik vind het een prettige oefening. Het bankje (wel een bankje, ja) maakt het flink zwaarder, en die plaat op je borst scheelt aanzienlijk, als blijft 't wat engig, als je denkt dat 'ie naar onder zal schuiven. Ik vind 't wel niet helemaal waar dat dit als voorbereiding voor gewoon chinnen veel zal uitmaken, maar goed, dat is mijn bescheiden mening.
Espi positive: like the pull throughs, these are aother mainstay of my routine, mostly since I can’t do more than 2-3 BW pull-ups but can get to around 8-10 reps for (weighted) supine rows. Feels more appropriate as a lighter pull-up than doing lat pull downs.

The Kip
This isn't so much an exercise, but rather a test of general athletic ability. According to Coach Davies, it involves proportionate strength-to-weight ratio, range of motion and coordination.
Lie flat on the ground, roll back slightly, and explode your hips and legs upwards so you land on your feet.

from SheRu
Ongelooflijk lastig. Ik kan me voorstellen dat dit een goeie oefening is, maar technisch erg lastig onder de knie te krijgen.

The Fly- Away 
from GErt
Ook uit aflevering 13 de fly-away geprobeerd. Heb eerst gedaan zoals ie uitgelegd staat (met de pink naar buiten wijzen, bb style) maar dat voelde niet lekker. Kwartslag gedraaid (pink naar voeten wijzen) en toen werd het een hele fijne oefening om te doen vond ik. Vooral het laten zakken van de dumbell hakt erin.
(deze uitvoering heb ik maar de supergrover fly away genoemd...maf!super blij..)

The Fly-Away


Description This is a Jerry Telle exercise that crosses a dumbbell press and flye. Press the dumbbells up normally. Once you reach the top, pause, then lower the weight with the eccentric motion of a dumbbell flye. Repeat the sequence on all reps: bench the weight up normally, flye it down slowly. Ouch. 

(8x2)x2 & ouch
(7x2)x5, hrmpf
(6x2)x12, hmmm
Damn , looks deceptively easy. I’d not done db flies in ages so this one caught me by surprise. By the 2nd rep of the 8kg set my arm suddenly fell downwards with high speed
The 7kg was hard , but doable, yet not with perfect form.
The 6kg finally was much better, but now almost too easy. One would want to work with micro-plates here. 
Opinion neutral-positive. If you are hell-bent on doing db flyes, this is a better & more complete alternative.

Seated Half-Press


This is a favorite of Louie Simmons and Charles Poliquin. It may look like a shoulder exercise but it's excellent for packing meat on the lateral head of the triceps, the area where most lifters are lacking. A well-developed lateral head can also make you look wider. And women dig wide.
Set up an adjustable incline bench inside a power rack. Adjust the pins in the power rack so that the bar is at hairline level for the starting position. Your grip on the bar should be about shoulder-width and the elbows should be pointing outward.
Now simply press the weight up. Just make sure that you use a two to four second "dead stop" in the bottom position with the bar resting on the pins. No bouncing! 

Took a while to set up, as this had to be done in the Smith for lack of an incline bench press station. Did
Only 1 arm: 10 x 2 for left, 4 for right
Only afterwards I understood that I was supposed to keep it in the bottom position for up to 4 seconds.. even without that I got a wicked pump going!
Opinion neutral-positive: feels like a good triceps exercise, but I didn’t like the messing around with the exact position.

Crippled Incline Curl

We call these "crippled" inclines because not only will you look a little physically challenged while doing them, but because they’ll also cause you to have trouble functioning in the days that follow.
For the most part, these are done like conventional incline dumbbell curls. You just lie on an incline bench with a dumbbell in each hand. However, before you curl the weights upward, bend your wrists backward as far as they’ll go and keep them that way for the duration of the movement. This not only takes the forearm flexors out of the movement, but it also makes the movement much more difficult. You’ll undoubtedly have to use less weight.
While doing conventional incline dumbbell curls, the tendency is to have the elbow move forward during the lifting part of the motion, but that isn’t so much the case with "crippled dumbbell inclines," which makes the exercise that much more effective.
While this exercise is good for working that all-important long head of the biceps, the bent-wrist action also tends to bring in, kicking and screaming, the brachialis.

3x10 for each side. Found it difficult to understand at first how to exactly do it. Didn’t really feel as crippled with it as they make you believe.
Opinion negative : can’t be bothered to do this kind of small stuff again

Hand Stand Push Up

Some people think you can't get a great shoulder workout without weights. Well, if you have a wall then you have a great piece of shoulder training equipment. A million prisoners with big delts can't be wrong!
Place your hands on the ground about a foot from the wall and kick up into a handstand so that your heels are on the wall. Once in place in this handstand position, lower your body down until your head is almost touching the ground, then push back up.

Toss a few of these lucky exercises into your next workout and plow through boredom and training plateaus!
Heb nog eens doorgelezen wat Mel gedaan had en begon dus heel schlemielig met de allerlaagste verhoging die beschikbaar was.

1 4 push ups vanaf lopoband @ scheenhoogte
2 4 push ups vanaf bankje @ net onder kniehoogte
3 4 push ups vanaf Pilates bankje @ kniehoogte
4 4 push ups vanaf zitplek ab apparaat @ heuphoogte
en toen nadat ik moest wachten op iemand die het bizarre idee had om te gaan bankdrukken in de Smith knipoog

5 4 push ups vanaf haak 6 in de Smith en
6 4 push ups vanaf haak 7 in de Smith @ ongeveer navelhoogte

Eigenlijk net als bij de pull & catch... had zo iets van 'was dat nu alles'. Zolang ik niet te veel reps wil doen, is dit dus best te doen. Sterker nog, ga dit vaker doen.. enige punt is... hoe krijg ik mijn voet over de haak heen als ik bijv op borsthoogte of nog hoger wil komen? Mja, denk dat het toch echt wel lastiger zal worden dan nu (of zou ik nu zo gesmokkeld hebben?).

meten = weten!
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Aflevering 14

Excercises You've Never tried before #14 -

Swiss Ball Squat
Description This is a good lower body exercise for those training without access to a squat rack or for those who can't perform a traditional barbell back squat because of medical reasons.
Position a stability ball between the small of your back and a wall, then shoot the knees directly forward over your toes. Hold dumbbells to add weight. Hold angry Rottweilers if you're a real badass. 
BW x 10 as part of the dynamic warm-up w BW squats
Opinion neutral-positive: not a bad exercise for people who have trouble squatting. Feels interesting though as you can lean back into the ball (not sure if you're supposed to).

Split Leg Goodmorning
Description This is a killer exercise we learned from Christian Thibaudeau, who's probably going to ritually disembowel the editors for making those comments above about his girlfriend, Christiane Lamy, who still, despite Thibaudeau's objections, finds the editors dead sexy.
To perform split-leg good mornings, stand as if you were going to perform a regular good morning, but have a block or bench in front of you. Place one foot on the block, keeping the leg almost straight. You're going to perform a good morning motion until you feel a powerful stretch of the front leg. At that point you reverse the motion by pushing against the block with your leg.
20kg bar x 10 for each leg
Opinion positive: finally an exercise that already taxes the posterior chain at relatively light weights.

Low Cable Shrug
Description This oddball shrug variation we learned from Paul Chek is excellent for improving the strength of the scapular retractors. These muscles are commonly weak in people with forward head posture and rounded shoulders. Such people are also lacking strength in scapular retractors relative to the protractors of the shoulder. This is commonly seen in those athletes that overindulge in the bench press relative to pulling exercises.
Performing the exercise requires two cable columns side by side. Set the cables to the bottom of the column and take one step back. This encourages a force of depression and protraction from the cables that must be overcome by the elevators and retractors of the shoulder girdle. The shoulders are elevated toward the ear as far as possible and then rolled backward, bring the shoulder blades as close together as possible while you slowly lower the load.
It's important to maintain good structural alignment during this exercise and your knees should stay unlocked at all times. It's natural to lean back slightly, although less is better. The head should never be allowed to protrude forward into forward-head posture, a biomechanical blunder commonly seen among those using the shrug exercise! 
22,5x20 ; 27,5x20. Feels good, especially in enabling the right posture better because of the ability to lean back for a bit.
Opinion positive: this is one of the best shrugging motions I've done (knew this exercise already, but forgot about it). It's just that trap exercises aren't a girl-thing.  

And at the very end, another new exercise: not part of the T-Nation routine, but proposed by Sis, the Dutch forum administrator, when I asked for a tibia exercise since my shins are hurting from the too fast incline TM-walking
cable tibia raise
Description like for the cable shrugs, put the pulley in the lowest possible position. Sit down and put 1 foot up through the pulley and pull back towards you.

1,25x10 for each side. OKish, foot has tendency to slip through the pulley when you allow the pulley to go back, so it shouldn’t go too far.

Opinion neutral: not quite sure how much better this would work than for instance tibia raises from the leg press (heels on top and toes free) or in the Smith with heels on top of an aerobics bench.

Unilateral triceps extension

Description Here's a "fun" twist to the popular triceps extension. Lay on a bench with one arm straight up in the air holding a dumbbell. Allow the dumbbell to be lowered to the opposite shoulder, going across the chest. Keep the working arm elbow high and still. Avoid dropping the dumbbell repeatedly on your schnoz.  

6kgx 12 L /8 R
Omdat ik rechts sterker ben, had ik zeker verwacht dat ik daar meer hh zou kunnen. Was behoorlijk verrast dat dit juist mijn zwakkere arm bleek te zijn. Toen begreep ik waarom.. het is ook de rechterschouder die de meeste pijn doet. Kon de rechterarm ook niet zo ver omlaag brengen als links.
De hele oefening doet enorm denken aan exorotatie oefeningen, maar dan andersom, endorotatie.
Opinion neutraal-positef: lijkt me geen echte triceps bouwer maar kan een optie zijn als je bijv alleen maar dumbbells tot je beschikking hebt. 

 The Serratus Crunch

Description We picked this one up from Christiane Lamy, who secretly finds the editors irresistibly hot. (Really. What's so funny? Shut up, you're just jealous.)

This is a great way to develop the hard-to-train serratus muscles along with the rectus abdominis and obliques. Strengthening the serratus will help reduce the risk of shoulder injury and will actually increase your bench pressing strength by stabilizing the shoulder blades.

The key point is to keep the arms perpendicular to the floor at all times. As you reach the "crunched" position you should reach for the ceiling, trying to bring the hands as high as possible. Hold that position for 2-3 seconds. Think that's too easy? Try it with the feet off the floor, punk.  

Practice (4,5x2)x84,5x2x8 times 2. Once on the floor and once on the decline bench. 

Opinion neutral-positive. Good rehab exercise, but I prefer the walking circles while holding dumbbells overhead. Or am I talking nonsense, since that’s a different shoulder rehab exercise?

decline db crunches

Since I was on a decline bench anyway and I saw a girl doing these as crunches in a YouTube video where Sage Burnerer was doing ‘snatch balances’ (that’s another odd one), I did one of those as decline db crunch.

Snatch balances & db crunches 
Practice again with 4,5kg in both hands for 8 reps.  
Opinion neutral-positive: am not so skilful in sit-ups to be doing those on the floor. They are actually easier on a decline bench where the feet are properly fixed. Unsure though about proper form.

Combo Extension Pull

Another great movement from Christiane, the woman who adores us. Honestly, she's practically a stalker. Sigh.

The combo extension pull works the whole posterior chain (hamstrings, butt and low back) as well as the arms. Just perform a back extension and a two-armed dumbbell row at the same time. Simple, effective, and if you're female, it provides the male gym-goers hours of masturbatory fantasy material. Bonus!

Tried to do it with a 28ish kg barbell as well, but the decline bench was too much of an obstacle to do this.
One addition: you don’t really do this at the same time. If you want to really feel the movement, you first rise to the top and only then perform the 2-pt row! NOT at the same time.

Opinion positive: I'm liking combo moves. Didn't like the profound dizziness though when I got off the GHR-station and turned my head around (low blood pressure?). I may start doing these in my own gym on their incline hyper-extension bench.

Reverse Cable Side Bends

Here's another unique abs/obliques movement we picked up from Dave Tate, who also, quite disturbingly, finds the editors irresistibly hot.

The movement is performed on a standard lat machine with the use of a single D-handle. Begin by standing with your side to the machine. Grab the D-handle and pull it down to your side so your arm is locked. From here, perform the same movement as you would with a one-arm dumbbell side bend. The difference with this is the resistance is now opposite what it would be with dumbbells. The tension is now on the downward phase.

Before you begin, tighten your abs and obliques. Now bend to the side and make sure to keep a controlled tempo. Flex your obliques very hard when you reach the midpoint and keep your upper body erect. Return to the start position slowly while keeping as much tension on the obliques as you can.

15x5 , took some fiddling to get it right.

Opinion positive: recently I  read that Saxon side bends (my current favourite side bend) were discouraged. Don't know why though, but this could be a good alternative..

Kneeling Overhead Extensions

This is a great exercise for targeting the long head of the triceps which, according to Charles Poliquin, is the most neglected head of this muscle group. If your long head needs attention, then kneeling overhead extensions could help you add some quick size and strength to your upper arms.

To perform, place a triceps rope and a chain extension on a pulley. Set up a flat bench on the opposite side of the crossover machine. Next, grasp the rope overhead, kneel and place your elbows and forehead on the bench. Lift the load with an extension of the elbows and lower under control.

For best results, go heavy! Also, avoid performing in prison.  

10x10, 15x6 : took a while to set up, this one was hard to get right, 10kg (assuming each lid = 5kg) is too light, 15kg too heavy. Will try again in own gym to see what I’m up to over there.. Alas, got dizzy again here when standing up.

Opinion positive: really liked this one! Yes, it is subjective! The overly macho descriptions OTOH are now getting on my nerves..  

Cable Upright Row Press Out

This unique shoulder and trap exercise comes from the bowels of Westside Barbell. Dave Tate calls it one of the most effective shoulder movements he's ever done!

You'll need access to a single "D" handle (or possibly a kettlebell.) Attach the handle to a low pulley device and begin with your arms in front of you. Pull the handle up as you would an upright row until you get to your upper chest. Make sure when you pull that you keep your elbows up.

When you get to the top position, rotate your wrists so your palms face outward and press the handle up and away from you so you'll finish with your arms straight overhead, directly over the line of pull. This is a great movement for a large volume of training (reps over eight.) Try it!

Practice 5x5 , interesting, doesn’t hurt shoulders like an upright row does and also saves time because you are combining 2 movements in one.

Opinion neutral-positive: good one for shoulders, though I might be hurting my neck with the press out
meten = weten!
RE: Excercises You've Never Tried Before 2007/03/06 15:19:21 (permalink)
Aflevering 15
Excercises You've Never Tried Before #15 -
Single Arm Overhead Dumbell Squat

This might be the best "core stability" exercise we've tried. We learned this full-body challenge from Alwyn Cosgrove.
Use two dumbbells for this exercise – a heavy one and a lighter one (50-60% of the load of the first dumbbell). Taking a shoulder-width stance, hold the heavier dumbbell in your left hand by your side, and the lighter dumbbell pressed up over your head. Now, maintaining an erect torso, squat down, keeping your body weight in the center.
The offset load will create a large torque through your back and midsection. Fight your body's natural tendency to want to lean to one side!

6/3 x 5 for each side
8/4 x 5 for each side
The arm that holds the db overhead wants to go sideways and starts to hurt at a certain angle , so most time was spent trying to find the least painful position, which turned to be a kind of 'cleaned' position'

 neutral: was hesitant to try it at higher wts due to shoulder issues, but may be an interesting balancing exercise that is good as a core builder for those w/o shoulder issues
Good Morning Squat

Description Here's one you don't see very often: a hybrid squat and good morning!
This John Davies favorite really terrorizes the all-important posterior chain. With a shoulder-width stance, initiate the movement by pushing the back to neutral position, then drop to low squat position and back up. Once you get used to this powerhouse variation, your work loads will go way up! 

Did those when doing the series of good mornings and after 3 reps thought about turning this into a GM+squat combo.
Opinion neutral-negative: hmm I don't think this is a good exercise to promote. It's already a problem to not make a back squat turn into a GM, w/o even intentionally doing a GM. I'd rather keep those 2 exercises separate, so as to reinforce better form w a true squat. Besides.. the load is too light for squatting.

Ik heb deze al een tijd in m'n repertoire, en ben er heel enthousiast over. Binnen WSB worden ze onder 't kopje chaos-training opgevoerd, wat inhoudt dat je anticipeert op 'het uiteenvallen van bestaande structuren', zeg maar. Neig je vaak voorover te kiepen? Hiermee leer je automagisch corrigeren. Ik heb gemerkt dat het een flinke aanslag op je rug levert door de terugkiepbeweging. Verder vind ik het geen bezwaar dat de load iets lager is dan bij gewone squats, goodmornings zijn natuurlijk ook veel zwaarder dan squatten. Niettemin vind ik 't plaatje geen goede uitleg vormen. Beter alleen de text aanhouden, of even youtuben. In mijn log staan de betere plaatjes.

Texas Rope Pull 
Standing Dumbbell Reverse Fly


Most lifters really neglect their "rear" delts. Here's an exercise to fix that.
Grasp two dumbbells and stand in a bent over, knees flexed, arched back position. The neck is neutral with the head propped on the top of an incline bench.
Next, position the elbows extended, wrists pronated and directly under the pecs, narrower than shoulder width. To contract, rotate the wrists and arms laterally (externally), flex the elbows slightly and extend the shoulders to their end range. The elbows will assume a 110 degree angle at mid-point.
Hold this mid-point briefly before lowering the dumbbells to the initial starting position. Don't forget to wipe off the incline bench, you sweaty bastard!

(2x6)x F , too heavy
Tougher exercise than I had thought

Opinion neutral-negative: not a bad isolation exercise and frankly one of the better ones for rear delts Just can’t be bothered to do this small stuff myself.

Donkey Calf Raise with Plates 
Standing Barbell Wrist Extensions

Description According to Chad Waterbury, weak wrist extensors will dramatically decrease your gripping strength. These weak extensors limit the amount of strength you can develop in your wrist flexors in order to protect the joint from injury (i.e. the body limits flexor strength since the extensors are weak). Here's the solution:
1) While standing, hold an unloaded barbell or EZ-curl bar with your arms extended in front of you at shoulder height.
2) Extend your wrists back as far as possible (pull knuckles up toward ceiling).
3) Flex your wrists down as far as possible to stretch the extensors.
4) Lift and repeat for 5 sets of 10 reps with 90 second rest periods
Follow these guidelines and you should be well on your way to improved gripping strength and bigger forearms!

10x6, extremely painful for the lower arm. Weird enough, my grip rarely if ever fails in the vertical plane (only at monstrous wts) provided the bar isn't too thick. Wrists are very weak though. At home I’ve got a cast-iron skillet w a long handle that is a BITCH to handle.

Opinion negative: definitely NOT going to destroy my wrists superfast. Even 10kg was far too heavy. Preferring the lighter 'curl up a small disk' method.
Lateral Trunk Extension and Flexion
Description This exercise, popularized by Don Alessi, strengthens the side bending muscles of the obliques and quadratus lumborum while also stretching the typically tight illiotibial band.
Assume a side lying position with one arm placed on a flat bench. Flex the stabilized elbow into 90° adduction. The other free arm is placed overhead or on the pelvis. Extend the body so that the ankles, pelvis, shoulders, and ears are aligned. To begin eccentrically, lower the pelvis into a fully stretched position.
Concentrically, raise the pelvis through the midline in a coronal direction. Be careful not to rotate the pelvis or flex the hips.
Look too easy? Try three sets of 12 for each side and let us know!


Opinionnegative: Saxon side bends does the same in a much faster way
Forward Roll
Description You've probably seen this classic ab exercise performed with one of those little wheel gizmos, but you don't have to have one to benefit from the forward roll. As Christian Thibaudeau demonstrates below, you can use a Swiss ball or even a barbell:
Whichever variation you choose, remember to keep the abdominals contracted/flexed during the entire movement. Contract the ab muscles as hard as you can (maximum static action) and focus on keeping this maximum contraction during the execution of the entire movement.
Also, when you roll yourself back up, you must do so with the abs, not the arms. Really focus on flexing your abs super hard to initiate the "roll-back." If your arms or back are tired after the set, you're not doing it properly.
Finally, only go as low as you can while maintaining a flat back. Flexing your abs forcefully at the start of the movement will flatten your lordosis (lower back curve) somewhat. You must maintain that flattened position during the entire movement. When you feel that your lower back is "sinking/curving," it means that you've gone too low for your capacities.  

Practice Swiss Ball x6 , not heavy enough since ball is too large, not done w bb since that variation has already been discussed in a previous chapter
Opinion neutral-negative for Swiss: has to be a small ball to make it work , positive for bb roll out as discussed already in Chapter 6 

  Band Dips
If you can easily knock out 15 dips with bodyweight, it's time to add some resistance. No weight vest or belt? No problem, just grab a resistance band or some type of tubing.
Band set-up can be done a number of ways, but here's the easiest: grab a dumbbell and place it on the floor. Use it to hold down the band. You can experiment to see how different dumbbell placements can affect the line of pull. Use a variety of positions.

Now, wrap it across your upper back/traps or over your neck. This isn't the most comfortable thing in the world, bur then again, this is weight training, this is T-Nation, and dammit, you shouldn't be such a pussy anyway! Now, perform your dips. Remember to lower under control and resist the added tension.

Another option is to wrap the bands in the position shown below:

Both options work great!

From SheRu
Keigoeie oefeningverzwaarders. Wij hebben de dumbell niet onderin gelegd, maar trokken de band als 't ware aan zoals op het onderste plaatje. Het is veel uitdagender dan 't ongeveer zelfde gewicht aan een riem, dacht ik zo te merken aan de reactie van m'n trainingsmaatje. Ik ging zelf in de lus zitten die ik aan de dipsteunen hing. Da's een mooie assisted oefening, die beter aanvoelde dan 't easy platform.

meten = weten!
RE: Excercises You've Never Tried Before 2007/03/06 15:20:16 (permalink)
Aflevering 16
Excercises You've Never Tried Before #16 -

One Arm Push Up Progression
Description You've probably seen newbies do push-ups against a wall or using the Smith machine's bar. Don't laugh too hard; there's something even the advanced guy can learn here. According to Eric Cressey, you can use this trick to work on your one-arm push-ups.
Just set the Smith machine bar at mid-height and perform your "push-ups" with one arm. As you progress, lower the bar to increase difficulty. Once you can do them on the floor, women will toss their panties at you and clap. Yep, happens every time. Especially if they're hookers and you pay them. 

Practice BWx ½ and then chickened out of it coz’ of fear to lose my teeth when crashing down. Did another half-hearted attempt at the counter (chest height) and chickened out again. Wil try to get someone at the gym crazy enough …
Opinion positive. Push-ups get a worse rap than they deserve. This is an excellent way to build up strength for those who can do regular push-ups till they go zzz and don’t have access to equipment or a gym

Onze Noorman heeft ze geprobeerd en was er heel positief over. Een goeie methode om langzaam aan te gaan overstappen. Lood zwaar, dat wel. En ik hield m'n vuist tussen de stang en z'n borst om hem te kunnen helpen, en te voorkomen dat hij te diep zakte. Zelf heb ik 't ook geprobeerd, maar ik overstrekte m'n knie. Au.

The Cross Over and Overhead Lunge


Description Yes, real men need to train their hip abductors and adductors for performance gains, size increases, and injury prevention. But, they don't need to train them in those sissified "ab/ad" machines built for fat chicks! Instead, use the crossover lunge we learned from Mike Robertson.  With the chest-up, lunge across the body. Land on the heel, drive off the heel, and don't let your ego take over. This version of the lunge is one of the toughest to master with regards to coordination and performance.
Too easy for you, punk? Try an overhead lunge!


Practice found the lightest fixed wt barbell of (probably?) 15kg and went to the thick matted area of the gym, in full anticipation of what undoubtedly was going to happen: yep, falling or nearly crashing down.
Did 4 wobbly reps for each side with the barbell in the regular ‘back squat’ position and managed just 1 measly regular lunge (not even a crossover) with the bb in the OH position. Boy, am I ever glad there’s a rather large area in this gym with mats and no ab rollers lying around! 

Opinion positive. Excellent way to build more stability, except that it’s one of those other exercises that need to be done before all other exercises when you’re still fresh.

Rocking Calf Raise

Description This is a great option for calf training that doesn't require any stinkin' machines. From a standing squat position with a barbell on your back, perform a standard calf raise. As you return your feet flat to the ground though, raise the toes off, hence "rocking back."                                              
Perform with caution and get the feel of the exercise as tempo should be slow with total control.   

Same 15kg barbell x 2 very wobbly calf & toe raises. This was actually worse than the crossover lunge! And yes, I did them on bare feet.

Opinion negative , no use to do this for calves when the loading has to be so light in order to not fall over. This is an exercise where balance is not the main goal, but working calves is. You can’t do this when you’re falling backwards.

Blitzkrieg Triple Dumbbell Press
Nothing new about a dumbbell press, but here's a "fun" way to perform it that used to be a favorite of Coach Poliquin's. This drill is really a combination of three exercises: the high incline, low incline, and flat bench press. All three are performed as one set, using the same weight.
First perform high incline dumbbell presses until you reach muscle failure. Then rapidly adjust the bench to a low incline and continue to perform reps until failure. Finally, drop the bench to a flat position and knock out a few more reps.

This is one set. If one of your kidneys flies out your ass and smacks a personal trainer in the head, discontinue the set but give yourself ten points for accuracy.

From Inca
Op aanraden van Sheru de Blitzkrieg Triple Dumbbell Press uit #16 geprobeerd. Wat een heerlijke oefening om je borst-training mee af te sluiten!
Je doet de dumbbell press op 3 standen, waarbij je telkens tot failure gaat zonder pauze. Je begint met de hoge incline, daarna een lage incline, gevolgd door het bankje plat te leggen. Al na de eerste stand beginnen je borst en schouders te branden, terwijl je weet dat je verder moet met de volgende stand. Op het laatst kunnen je armen gewoon niet meer omhoog en is het handig om een spotter te hebben.
Een heftige oefening die de dumbell press een stuk pittiger maakt.

From Espi
10x2)x15 @ position 4 (normal incline
(10x2)x10 @ position 2 (very low incline)
(10x2)x10 @ position 0 or flat
(10x2)x15 @ position -2 (decline on step bench) going to utter failure
Actually started at a too low incline , so decided to take it to decline.
Opinion positive. Nice way to fry the chest

The Dumbbell Front Squat

Description Stuck without a rack and need to train legs? Try this doozy of an exercise we picked up from Coach Allen Hedrick.
Clean the dumbbells to the shoulders. Assume a shoulder-width stance, arch the back, and keep the head up. Reach back with the hips and sit back into a squat position, keeping the heels on the floor and the knees behind the toes. Return to the start position and repeat.

Practice did this one with 10kg dumbbells and just 5 reps as I’d done 8 sets of bb front squats before. Felt easier than I’d thought.. but then again, didn’t try the heavier dumbbells which would have been really tough to clean.

Opinion neutral. Cleaning them one at the time and then trying to position them there where they’d hurt the least was the hardest part. Other than that, the front squat itself isn’t difficult..
If you really don’t have a rack, but do have barbells, I’d suggest to just clean the barbell from the floor and go on to do a regular bb front squat. Unless you have a problem with flexibility of the elbows, a bb front squat wil be a lot easier to balance. So, I won’t do them like this.. unless I’d do them off balance as single db front squats after single db cleans or even snatches.

Push Up on Swiss Ball 
Single Leg Partial Squat

Description Here's a classic Ian King movement you might think is on the sissy side... until you try it. Performed correctly, this one will set your quads on fire!

Stand on the edge of a low block (one-third to one-half the height of a normal bench). Have one leg on the box and one off the edge. With your hands on your hips, bend at the knee, lowering down (two to three seconds) until the sole of your foot almost brushes the floor.

Keep the sole parallel to the ground. Pause for one second and return to full extension in about one to two seconds. At the tenth rep, pause at the bottom position for ten seconds. Don't rest the non-supporting leg on the ground at any stage during the set! Then continue reps until you get to 20. Repeat the ten-second pause here.

If possible, don't hold on to anything during the set. And keep a fire extinguisher close by!

Practice this was done at the end of the workout, right before the metabolic sets, when I’d already done too much. For a while I’d been thinking of where to do them since I don’t want to fall over. I finally did them on the platform of the hip station but of course couldn’t NOT hold on to a ledger. Even then still only got to 6 reps for each leg.

Opinion neutral, just can’t see the benefits of this particular exercise in comparison with e.g. step ups that you can do with more weight (driving with the front heel and trying not to push with the rear leg) or real squats.

Knee-Up on Swiss Ball 
Integrated Trunk Drills

Description Here's a core/trunk drill that's an oldie but a goodie. Get into a push-up position on the ground. Keeping the body totally flat, raise one arm up. Ideally raise it to parallel to the ground in front of you, taking five seconds from take-off to landing. Bring the first arm down, then do the same with the other arm. Now try five second holds with one leg up, then the other. Lastly, raise the opposite arm and leg at the same time.
By the end of the sequence, you'll have performed a total of six 5-second reps. You may want to repeat this cycle one or more times. Remember to keep the body flat, not allowing the hips to sag down.

Practice just got to 1 miserable rep for each one, viz. 1 for each arm and 1 for each leg and then the one for left arm + right leg and vice versa. This is so much harder than it looks. 
Opinion good drill for balance & abs. Just a boring one (at least for me, most ab exercises are boring).

Ik heb hem nu twee keer gedaan en vind het een leuke en uitdagende oefening, die toch nog gemeen moeilijk is. Doe hem in m'n buikspieren routine, om m'n core stabieler te maken. Vet!

meten = weten!
RE: Excercises You've Never Tried Before 2007/03/06 15:21:09 (permalink)
Aflevering 17
Excercises You've Never Tried Before #17 - 
Underhand Incline Barbell Press
Uneven Barbell Side Bend
Overhead Cable Curls, seated 
Dumbell Alternating Bench Press 
Elbows Out Triceps Extensions 
One-Arm Braced Overhead Dumbbell Presses 
The Funky Chicken 
Piston Push Downs 
Dumbell Row to the Hip

meten = weten!
RE: Excercises You've Never Tried Before 2007/03/06 15:22:06 (permalink)
Aflevering 18

Excercises You've Never Tried Before #18 
The One Arm Snatch
The single-arm snatch is a great compound movement for developing total body strength and power. Since it's a unilateral movement (one-limbed), it can help fix strength imbalances, plus it's very applicable in training for athletic pursuits given the amount of rotational strength that's required, according to coach Troy Anderson. The single-arm snatch is also an excellent drill to increase work capacity due to the strength endurance/speed strength nature.
Ik krijg de filmpjes niet aan de praat op mijn comp

from SheRu
Wederom mijn trainingsmaatje Michel die dit uitprobeerde, aangezien hij een goede snatcher is. Het commentaar: "Op zich wel leuk om 's een keer te doen, maar niet super intensief ofzo", mijn idee is dat 't weinig toevoegt, en wederom: een schouderblessure ligt op de loer.

The Lunging Step Up

The lunge is a great movement that too often gets written off as a "chick exercise." The step-up is another killer unilateral leg movement you don't see very often, mainly because it's damn tough and most people would rather park their lazy butts in the leg extension machine.
So what do you get when you combine the lunge with the step-up? A sore ass. Oh, and an effective lower body exercise you've probably never tried before.
SheRu: 't Is al een tijd geleden dat we 'm getest hebben, maar echt een prima oefening! Uitdagender dan lungen, en makkelijker aan te passen naar niveau, zeker als je zo'n aerobic-step-geval hebt. Effectief, simpel, al vind ik zelf bulgarians nog iets pittiger om het stabiliseren.
The Zercher Squat
The Scap Push Up 
Plate Loaded Front Squat 

Dumbell Floor Press
The dumbbell floor press is performed the same as the dumbbell bench press except you're lying on the floor. Bet you knew that, huh?
You'll often see this movement used by powerlifters to help them strengthen their lockout or "top half," but it's also a good chest and triceps exercise for someone who's rehabbing his shoulders and needs to avoid the full range of motion (ROM) for a while.
Here's Eric Cressey demonstrating the dumbbell floor press:
from SheRu
Wij gebruiken 'm al een tijdje. Het is een ideale oefening voor mensen met schouderklachten, en een leuke oefening om je lock out mee te verbeteren. 't Lijkt op 't eerste oog een makkie, valt tegen door de touch-and-go methode. 4x10 met 16kg dumbells is voor mij heel goed haalbaar. Qua gewicht voor dumbells zit 't vergelijkbaar met je Incline Bench Press, gok ik.

Bent Press

Bench Throws 
(plaatje werkt bij mij niet) 
Hey, what do ya know? There is a use for the Smith machine!
Everything is the same as with normal Smith machine bench presses, but instead of holding back at lockout, throw the bar upward. Be sure to have a side spotter or two there to help you decelerate the bar as it returns to your hands. Also, be careful to avoid allowing the hooks to catch as you throw the bar. Your natural tendency will be to let the bar roll a bit as you release, so you'll need to fight it on your first few sets until you get the groove. Dig the vid: werkt niet bij mij

To give you an idea of what kind of weight to use, Newton et al. (1997) found that peak power output with bench throws occurred in the 30-45% 1RM range. Be sure to factor in that Smith machine bars are substantially lighter than regular barbells (contrary to what you've heard from the self-conscious wussies who always bench, squat, and upright row in the Smith machine).
from SheRu
Ik vind 'm vet. Echt. Uitputtend. En hier maken ze wèl een aantekening mbt de spotters, wat ik cruciaal vind. Ik maakte een stuk of zes sets met hooguit zes herhalingen, 15-12.5 kg.

Inverted Rows with V-handle
X-band Walks

The Sniper
RE: Excercises You've Never Tried Before 2007/03/06 20:19:04 (permalink)
Vanmiddag borst getraind en gelijk effe wat oefeningen geprobeerd......en opgenomen op video natuurlijk..super blij (kan natuurlijk niet achterblijven na die woeste clips van Moob...maf!knipoog knipoog
Uit aflevering 6, de ballistic benchpress. Heb 'm echter uitgevoerd in de incline versie. Leuke oefening om te doen alleen de uitvoering is bij mij nog niet optimaal. De stang moet nog meer 'los' komen maar dat durfde ik deze keer nog niet.....
Ook uit aflevering 13 de fly-away geprobeerd. Heb eerst gedaan zoals ie uitgelegd staat (met de pink naar buiten wijzen, bb style) maar dat voelde niet lekker. Kwartslag gedraaid (pink naar voeten wijzen) en toen werd het een hele fijne oefening om te doen vond ik. Vooral het laten zakken van de dumbell hakt erin.
(deze uitvoering heb ik maar de supergrover fly away genoemd...maf!super blij..)
Als laatste de one arm bb curl gedaan. (Alleen met rechts want heb links nog beetje last van bicepspees en tennisarm)
Is wel apparte uitvoering geworden maar voelde wel lekker aan, soort van one arm/two arm uitvoering....of zoiets...naja kijk zelf maar...
NO Sissy !!
RE: Excercises You've Never Tried Before 2007/03/06 20:49:31 (permalink)
Leuk om te zien en die supergrover fly away ga ik ook eens doen
voorheen lightweight :P
RE: Excercises You've Never Tried Before 2007/03/06 22:30:15 (permalink)
De supergrover fly away lijkt toch meer op droogzwemmen, je zwemt alleen de verkeerde kant op! super blij

Leuken filmpjes Gert! ga zo door, dan krijgen we een hele catalogus van oefeningen.
Bullet Ride *ex top mod*
RE: Excercises You've Never Tried Before 2007/03/06 23:04:53 (permalink)
(kan natuurlijk niet achterblijven na die woeste clips van Moob...
super blijsuper blij
Cool, die filmpjes Gert! knipoog
meten = weten!
RE: Excercises You've Never Tried Before 2007/03/06 23:05:46 (permalink)
Heb ze al gequoot en ingeplakt. Dit is natuurlijk nog mooier dan alleen een foto.
'k Weet niet hoelang ik nog redigeerrechten heb  
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